Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue Announces April Promo Rewards


Key Takeaways

  • Flying Blue, Air France-KLM’s loyalty program presents April ‘Promo rewards’ for discounted seat bookings using Flying Blue miles.
  • Up to 50% off Economy and Business Class fares is available for select destinations when booking between April 1 and April 30, with travel dates up to September 30.
  • Travelers must book directly through Air France or KLM platforms for automatic discount application.
  • Strategies to maximize redemption include exploring destinations, leveraging free stopovers, and considering transfer bonuses.

Tremblay-en-France, France–Flying Blue, Air France-KLM’s loyalty program, has announced its April monthly ‘Promo rewards.’ This program allows members to book discounted seats using Flying Blue miles.

Per the website, travelers who book flights to select destinations between April 1 and April 30 of this year (with travel dates up to September 30) can enjoy a discount of up to 50% on Economy and Business Class fares.

This month offers a range of noteworthy destinations to explore, such as Montreal, Houston, Minneapolis, and Panama City in the United States of America, as well as Delhi and Mumbai in India, among many others throughout Europe and worldwide.

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Customers must book their flights directly through the Air France or KLM websites or the airlines’ mobile apps to take advantage of Promo rewards. The discounted prices, which apply to various dates and destinations, will be automatically reflected during the booking process without entering promotional codes. 

How to maximize redemption

  1. Flying Blue Promo rewards are typically offered between Europe and the listed destinations. Exploring the different destinations available (and the Flying Blue points needed) would help you come up with a list of cities offered at the same price.
  2.  Air France and KLM recently introduced free stopovers (stops in cities for more than 24 hours – up to 12 months) for award flights. This means you could book flights to your destination with stopovers in intermediate cities and explore it for a few days before resuming your journey.
  3.  Add ‘Transfer Bonuses’ to already discounted Promo rewards tickets. Many organizations offer bonuses when converting points into Flying Blue points.
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What We Think

Flying Blue’s April ‘Promo rewards’ offer a great opportunity for travelers to maximize their Flying Blue miles with significant discounts.

The range of destinations on offer, combined with the 50% discount, makes this a valuable promotion for those planning trips in the coming months. Travelers should take note of the option for free stopovers and consider leveraging transfer bonuses to enhance their rewards.

This promotion aligns with the growing trend of loyalty programs providing more flexibility and value to their members, and it’s a move welcomed by those looking to explore a variety of international destinations.


Victor Utomi
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