Airbnb Data Finds Rise in Family Homestay Bookings in 2022


Key Takeaways

  • Airbnb’s report reveals a surge in family travel, emphasizing a preference for homestays over hotels.
  • Top destinations include Paris, London, Melbourne, New York City, and Rome, among others, with a rising interest in domestic travel to beaches and national parks.
  • Families seek homestays for space, privacy, flexibility, and amenities like on-site cooking and laundry facilities.
  • Families opt for Airbnb listings featuring amazing pools, beaches, skiing, tropical settings, and proximity to national parks.

San Francisco, CA–On February 28th, Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accommodation booking platform, released a new report that examines its booking data to study the latest global family travel trends. 

The report uncovers insights into where and how families have been choosing to travel over the past year. 

It emphasizes that family travel has become increasingly popular recently, and that a significant number of people are now opting for homestays rather than conventional hotels. 

Moreover, the report highlights that families seek unique and immersive travel experiences that allow them to engage with local cultures and communities.

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Where families are traveling

The study also highlights the top destinations booked by families over the last year. They include:

  • Paris, France 
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Melbourne, Australia 
  • New York City, NY, United States
  • Rome, Italy 
  • San Diego, CA, United States
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Cornwall, United Kingdom 

Another trend highlighted in the report is the growing popularity of domestic travel. 

Though things are looking slightly better over the last year, the pandemic took a heavy toll on international travel. Nevertheless, data indicates that many families have opted to travel domestically rather than to go abroad.

The top domestic destinations for family travel in 2022 were beaches and national parks.

Types of listing

Per the report, the recent surge in demand for homestays (over traditional hotels) is likely driven by the desire for more space, privacy, and flexibility, as well as the ability to cook meals and do laundry on-site.

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The report showed that families preferred to book listings under the following Airbnb categories during the survey period:

  • Amazing pools
  • Beaches
  • Skiing
  • Tropical
  • National parks

Data indicates family travel is on the rise and that they are looking for unique, safe, and memorable experiences that offer more space and amenities than traditional hotels.

With this in mind, vacation rental providers and tourism boards may want to focus on promoting family-friendly destinations and accommodations which offer unique local experiences that appeal to families of all ages and interests.

As global travel slowly reattains pre-pandemic vigor, it will be interesting to see the trends that will follow in the travel industry.

What We Think

Airbnb’s insights into family travel trends reflect a shift towards more immersive and localized experiences. The emphasis on domestic travel indicates a cautious approach post-pandemic, with families seeking safety and familiarity.

The preference for homestays aligns with a desire for space, amenities, and personalized experiences. This trend underscores an opportunity for vacation rental providers and tourism boards to highlight family-friendly destinations offering unique local experiences.

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As global travel regains momentum, focusing on tailored, safe, and diverse family-oriented offerings will likely define the industry’s trajectory, catering to evolving preferences and priorities in family travel.


Victor Utomi
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