Airbnb and Rising Gas Prices: Colorado’s Summer Trends


Key Takeaways

  • Granby, Colorado, surpasses traditional favorites as the top summer destination on Airbnb, offering serene lakes and rustic charm.
  • Colorado grapples with a gas price surge averaging $3.97 per gallon, impacting Labor Day travel plans amidst heightened travel.
  • The rise in gas prices in Colorado is influenced by global factors, including supply constraints and increased travel demand.
  • Amid rising costs, options like carpooling or public transportation are suggested to mitigate expenses for travelers in Colorado.

Airbnb reveals Colorado’s most sought-after summer destination while gas prices climb. Here’s the scoop.

According to a FOX 31 report, While the first half of 2023 has seen Airbnb bookings rise by 10% from the previous year, a new list of popular summer destinations reveals surprising favorites.

 In Colorado, the mountainous vistas of Vail and Telluride took a backseat. Instead, Granby emerges as the top choice for vacationers. Nestled amidst the Rockies and offering a panoramic view of the Continental Divide, Granby is traditionally recognized for its winter appeal. 

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Yet, summer draws crowds for its serene lakes, picturesque hikes, and rustic charm.

Granby’s Airbnb Hotspots

The report noted that Rocky Mountain National Park Views with hot tub: A rustic abode near Ski Granby Ranch offers captivating Rocky Mountains views.

Modern Mountain View with spectacular views: A contemporary home overlooking a Grand County lake with the Rockies in the backdrop features a hot tub.

Barnwood Beauty | Pet-friendly retreat: Located in the Grand Elk neighborhood, the Saddle Ridge Lodge presents an array of amenities, from foosball and grills to the ever-popular hot tub.

Gas Price Surge in Colorado

As stated in the CPR News report, as Coloradans gear up for the Labor Day travel weekend, the surge in gas prices casts a shadow on their plans. As of Wednesday, the average price for a gallon of unleaded gas was $3.97, a 15-cent rise from the national average.

Skyler McKinley, AAA spokesperson, states that while there’s been a slight price dip over the past week, the current rates are roughly 20 cents higher than the previous year. 

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The surge can be attributed to a significant uptick in travel. McKinley said in the report that 2023 has been a historic travel year and that this was the first year that many Americans and Coloradans felt the world was back open to them. 

The report added that traffic peaks are anticipated on Friday and Monday, primarily through the bustling mountain corridors, warns CDOT. But what’s causing the gas price surge? Multiple factors play a role:

  • Ongoing supply constraints due to Russian oil being off the international market.
  • Production cuts announced by Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members.
  • Technical issues in U.S. oil refineries exacerbated by summer heat waves.

In the report, McKinley simplifies the situation by saying high demand and low supply yields higher prices.

While travelers heading east might find some respite with gas prices in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma being significantly lower, Wyoming and New Mexico align with Colorado’s average. Utah and Arizona, however, exceed the $4 per gallon mark.

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For those concerned about the rising costs, McKinley suggests options like carpooling or public transportation in Colorado.

What We Think

The revelation of Granby as the favored summer destination amid Colorado’s picturesque landscapes signals a shift in vacationer preferences.

However, the surge in gas prices, primarily due to international factors, poses challenges for travelers during the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

While alternative travel options like carpooling or public transportation mitigate costs, the trend highlights the complexities travelers face amid fluctuating fuel prices, impacting holiday plans and travel choices.


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