Allianz Global Assistance and Direct Travel Extend Partnership Amidst Rising Demand for Travel Insurance


Key Takeaways

  • Allianz becomes Direct Travel’s official travel insurance partner, boosting services for North American clients.
  • 74% of Canadians see increased importance in travel insurance post-pandemic; 32% note a surge compared to pre-pandemic times.
  • 89% of Canadian travelers prioritize travel insurance, emphasizing the heightened responsibility of travel advisors to swiftly meet protection needs.

In a recent collaboration, Allianz Global Assistance has cemented its relationship with North American leisure travel agency Direct Travel. 

This strategic alliance designates Allianz as the official travel insurance partner of Direct Travel.

Clients of Direct Travel across North America will now have streamlined access to Allianz’s suite of travel insurance products, coupled with a vast network of assistance services.

According to an Insurance Business report, while Allianz and Direct Travel have a well-established relationship in the US and certain regions of Canada, this fresh announcement expands their partnership across Canada.

Pandemic Shapes Canadian Perception of Travel Insurance

The report noted that the importance of travel insurance has been catapulted into the limelight, especially in the wake of the pandemic. 

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A study from Allianz in November 2022 highlighted that 74% of Canadians believe travel insurance holds the same or even greater importance in a post-pandemic context

A noteworthy 32% of these participants expressed that the significance of travel insurance has escalated compared to the pre-pandemic era.

In the report, Matt Anstett, director of eComm & travel channel at Allianz, remarked on their deepening relationship with Direct Travel, emphasizing the commitment of Allianz to offer premium travel protection products. 

He stressed their dedication to ensuring travelers feel secure and relaxed throughout their journeys. “Our goal is to provide safety, security, and peace of mind to travelers throughout their journey – and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing it in partnership with Direct Travel.” he stated, per the report.

“Our partnership with Allianz has been best-in-class for the last 10 years,” said Rene Schneeberger, SVP supplier relations and revenue optimization at Direct Travel, per the report. 

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“We recently made them a true partner, our highest level of partnership, which is a reflection of the tremendous support they provided during 2020 and 2021 and we look forward to this expanded relationship,” Schneeberger added in the report.

Travel Insurance: A Growing Concern for Travelers

According to a Travel Pulse report, the tumultuous nature of the pandemic has redefined travelers’ perspective regarding travel insurance.

A notable 89% of Canadians planning to travel soon also intend to be secured by travel insurance for their forthcoming journeys.

The report noted that this shift in sentiment offers a golden opportunity for travel agencies. Given the current scenario, travelers rely heavily on travel advisors to securely facilitate their travels. 

Therefore, these advisors are tasked with swiftly providing their clients with the best-suited protection, hassle-free, and confidently addressing their unique requirements.

In light of these evolving dynamics, the alliance of Allianz Global Assistance and Direct Travel represents a strategic business move and a response to the changing needs and demands of the contemporary traveler.

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What We Think

The alliance between Allianz Global Assistance and Direct Travel signifies a strategic response to the shifting landscape of travel insurance in the wake of the pandemic.

As perceptions change and travelers prioritize security, this collaboration bridges the gap, offering comprehensive protection and support for modern-day explorers.

It not only reflects an industry adapting to meet evolving needs but also emphasizes the pivotal role of robust insurance partnerships in ensuring travelers feel safe and reassured throughout their journeys.


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