Survey Finds 60% of Employees Want To Be Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Aquent’s report forecasts a rise in nomadic work preferences, with 60% aiming for this lifestyle in the next three years.
  • Over 50% of employees express career growth uncertainties due to potential shifts away from traditional face-to-face work models.
  • Employee priorities emphasize flexible work models for achieving work-life balance, notably favoring “full-flexibility; on-site, remote, or hybrid” options.

London, United Kingdom–Aquent, a recruitment company based in the UK, has released a document titled “Employee Experience 3.0, A Look into the Future of Work,” analyzing the possible future of the global workforce.

The data in the study is based on information gathered from approximately 3500 respondents on a Linkedin survey.

The report reveals that, regardless of age, 60% of the working population planned to live a nomadic lifestyle in the next three years. Simultaneously, more than 50% of employees across all ages feel uncertain about their career growth since/if organizations abandoned the traditional face-to-face work model.

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Employee Preferences and Organizational Responses

The Aquent Future of Work 2022 report was made by Aquent and talent acquisition company Vitamin T in collaboration with Dr. Terri Horton, MBA, MA, a recognized subject matter expert in the domain of the future of work, who helped form and analyze the survey.

The report also found that “full-flexibility; on-site, remote, or hybrid” was the work model policy most employees thought would contribute to their work-life balance, followed by “flexible hours,” “4-day work week,” and “unlimited vacation,” respectively.

“No matter how you slice it, the unyielding popularity of remote work means that it is here to stay,” said Aquent senior VP and industry leader for technology, media, and entertainment Phil Lewis in a report. “Remote work empowers organizations to increase their ability to operate across multiple time zones, tap into skilled talent worldwide and access a more diverse talent pool.”

Organizational Responses and Work Models

According to another report, multinationals worldwide have various perspectives on how each working model would affect the organization’s overall efficiency.

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Some businesses, like Airbnb, Salesforce, Meta, and Google, have offered employees a remote working option. In contrast, others, like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Netflix, have chosen to revert to the traditional five-day workweek.

An increasing number of companies like Adobe, Apple, and Citi are opting for a hybrid work model, where employees are expected to show up to the office two to three days a week.

Aquent Recruitment Solutions is an online staff and skilled labor acquisition platform that connects digital, marketing, and creative professionals and employers. They also offer project and staff management services.

What We Think

Aquent’s report underscores the significant trend toward nomadic work styles and the vital role of flexibility in work models for employees seeking work-life balance.

The uncertainty surrounding traditional work models impacts career growth perspectives, pushing organizations to reassess their strategies for employee engagement and retention.

This shift highlights the need for companies to adopt adaptable policies, catering to the evolving expectations and needs of their workforce in an increasingly mobile and flexible work environment.

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