Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii to Support Donkey Rescue Farms


Key Takeaways

  • Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii launches a philanthropic program, Give A Hoof, supporting donkeys in rescue shelters through partnerships with Longhopes Donkey Shelter and Leilani Farm Sanctuary.
  • The sale of special edition merchandise, “Be A Badass” shirts, and travel mugs will contribute $1 per sale towards aiding donkeys in need.
  • The program pays homage to Kona’s hard-working donkeys, historically crucial in transporting coffee beans, and aims to support and create safe environments for rescued donkeys.

Denver, CO–Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii announced in a press release the introduction of its newest philanthropic program: Give A Hoof.

Honoring Kona’s Donkeys

The program pays tribute to its namesake – the donkeys of Kona, Hawai’i — by partnering and giving back to two nonprofits, Longhopes Donkey Shelter and Leilani Farm Sanctuary, to support donkeys that find themselves in rescue shelters.

Starting on Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii’s Donkey Week – September 19, for every sale of special edition “Be A Badass” shirts and travel mugs, $1 will be donated to support a donkey in need. Customers can purchase this merchandise online and at participating franchise locations.

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Representation of Hard-Working Donkeys

Give A Hoof is Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii’s newest initiative under its Bad Ass For Good program. The initiative represents the hard-working donkeys that inspired the brand name by raising much-needed funds to help rescue wild and abandoned donkeys under threat of destruction and help create the safe environments they deserve. The money raised through Give A Hoof will support Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii’s sponsored donkeys, Lehua and Sandee.

Legend has it that for generations, donkeys could be heard bellowing as they carried precious loads of coffee beans down the steep mountains of the Big Island. The people of Kona named these hard-working donkeys the “Bad Ass Ones” because of their reliably strong but stubborn nature in carrying their precious cargo.

“The importance of the donkey’s role in the early history of coffee farming in Hawaii was the inspiration for our company’s name,” said Scott Snyder, CEO of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, in the news release.

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The first program under this umbrella is Cup O’ Joe for a Soldier, where donations cover the cost of coffee, while Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii covers the cost of processing and shipping to send coffee to brave service personnel overseas.

Since the program began, over 14,500 bags of coffee have been shipped worldwide – and continue to receive requests from soldiers who are craving their kick from Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii.

What We Think

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii’s Give A Hoof program exemplifies a creative and meaningful way to give back to the community while honouring the brand’s heritage. By supporting rescue shelters and sponsoring donkeys, they’re not only showcasing a commitment to animal welfare but also engaging customers in a philanthropic cause through merchandise sales.

The initiative’s tie to the history of donkeys in coffee farming adds depth and authenticity, creating a compelling narrative. Such programs not only benefit the rescued animals but also resonate with consumers seeking socially responsible brands, potentially fostering customer loyalty and positive brand perception.

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Read more in this release.


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