Bansko: Bulgaria’s Doubtful New Digital Nomad Place


Key Takeaways

  • Bansko, a picturesque town in southwest Bulgaria, is rapidly becoming a sought-after hub for digital nomads.
  • The growth is propelled by affordable living costs, low taxes, fast Wi-Fi, and nature’s beauty.
  • Bansko Nomad Fest, now in its fourth year, symbolizes the burgeoning digital nomad community in the region.
  • More than 300 remote workers now call Bansko home, with diverse co-working spaces catering to this thriving community.
  • The remote working trend attracts foreigners and locals, enriching Bansko’s multicultural fabric.

Upon arriving in Bansko, one may feel transported back in time.

The charming scenery of storks nesting on telegraph poles, grandmothers gossiping beneath apple trees, and the majestic Pirin Mountains backdrop depict a serene, old-world charm.

However, the digital age is very much alive here.

According to a BBC report, the town buzzed with over 700 global entrepreneurs and freelancers this summer, exchanging languages and ideas, embodying a blend of traditional settings with a modern digital nomad culture.

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Festival of Nomads

The Bansko Nomad Fest, now celebrated annually for four years, showcases this new era of remote working culture in Bansko.

According to a Sofia Globe report, the event saw a significant increase in participation in 2023, with 750 attendees, up from 550 in 2022.

Organized by Matthias Zeitler, a German entrepreneur and a pioneer in establishing co-working spaces in Bansko, the festival represents the spirit of community, innovation, and the boundless possibilities the nomadic lifestyle holds.

Affordable and Welcoming

The charm of Bansko extends beyond the festival.

Digital nomads are drawn to the town’s affordable living costs, low taxes (just 10% personal and corporate), and fast Wi-Fi.

The town’s first co-working space, Coworking Bansko, set up by Zeitler in 2016, saw rapid growth, epitomizing the demand for such communal working environments.

Now, with nine co-working spaces operated by four companies, the infrastructure is set for remote workers from around the globe.

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Nature Meets Digital

Bansko’s location, nestled amongst the Pirin Mountains and adjacent to the UNESCO-listed Pirin National Park, offers a unique blend of work and recreational opportunities.

The report noted that remote workers could ski in the morning and log into work by noon, all while being part of a friendly, welcoming community, as highlighted by French marketing manager Camille Poire.

Investing in the Community

Long-term digital nomads are investing in the community, with ventures like BanskoLab offering language classes and educational workshops.

The growing trend even sees digital nomads putting down roots in Bansko, enticed by the town’s low property prices and the enriching lifestyle.

What Do We Think

The rise of Bansko as a digital nomad hub symbolizes a broader trend of remote work, enabling individuals to work from anywhere, even from quaint towns previously untouched by global urbanization.

The story of Bansko is a testament to how the remote work culture is reshaping communities, fostering multicultural interactions, and propelling small towns into the digital age, all while retaining their unique charm and allure.

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The blend of natural beauty, modern co-working facilities, and a welcoming community makes Bansko an exemplary model of the modern-day work-live-play paradigm.


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