Boundless Life Launches Third Branch in Tuscany, Italy


Key Takeaways

  • Canada’s Boundless Life introduces a new base in Tuscany, Italy, offering comprehensive digital nomad services for families.
  • Fully-furnished accommodations, schooling, and co-working spaces cater to families, inspired by Nordic educational models.
  • Operating in Europe with future Asian expansion, focusing on holistic child education and facilitating nomadic lifestyles for families.
  • Offering flexible accommodation options and educational services with inclusive pricing structures for families seeking a nomadic lifestyle.

Quebec, Canada–Boundless Life, a Canada-based company that offers families the opportunity to become digital nomads, has announced opening its new base in Tuscany, Italy.

The organization operates as a series of full-service communities, each with fully furnished accommodations, schooling, and co-working facilities for nomadic families. 

“With Boundless Life, we are building communities that provide families with all the facilities required for a comfortable, worry-free lifestyle,” said the CEO of Boundless Life, Mauro Repacci, in a news release. “We provide a world-class educational model that follows children as they move from one of our locations to another.”

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Education Model and Expansion Strategy

Mauro Repacci started the initiative in 2021 and currently has branches in three locations across Europe: Sintra in Portugal, Syros in Greece, and Tuscany in Italy. Mauro hinted at setting up locations in Asia next in another release.

The organization states that it was inspired by the famous Finnish system and the Nordic Baccalaureate in the creation of Boundless Education. Its website describes how the curriculum was developed by taking “the finest ingredients from the world’s best educational practices to build one coherent system.”

“We want to prepare children to thrive in an unknown future by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, awareness, and empathy that allows them to reach any goal personally and professionally,” said Rekha Magon, Head of Education at Boundless Life.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle and Services Offered

The company secured a $2 million investment from a combination of venture capitalists, angel investors, and syndicates early last year in their seed funding round. It has seen much success after inaugurating in Portugal at maximum capacity.

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The company aims to create “a new category in the digital nomad space” by targeting families who want “to slow travel” or live a nomadic lifestyle. 

“The majority of our clients are people that say, I love London, I want to be there six months per year, but I also want to be in another city because of the weather and lifestyle, the mountains, or the beach,” added Mauro.

Additionally, Boundless Life helps with the necessary paperwork (visa, relocation services, etc.) to help clients move from their current country of residence to one of their branches and provide a seamless experience between them.

As per their website, Boundless Life prices their services accordingly:

1 Bedroom – €2100/month

2 Bedroom – €2900/month

3 Bedroom – €3500/month

*includes access to co-working hub and recreational center

-10 – 15% sibling discounts-one-time €300 EUR registration fee/child

What We Think

Boundless Life’s innovative approach to facilitating a nomadic lifestyle for families stands out, providing comprehensive services tailored to both parental work and children’s education.

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The commitment to a global presence and adaptability for families seeking diverse experiences reflects the evolving nature of remote work and the desire for flexible living arrangements.

The company’s emphasis on a well-rounded education while navigating different cultures speaks to the changing landscape of family life in the digital age.


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