Bridging the Gap: Connecting with the Greek Digital Diaspora


Key Takeaways

  • Greece seeks to harness the potential of its digital diaspora for population stability and counteracting brain drain.
  • A centralized resource hub aims to streamline document acquisition and support diaspora members in various services.
  • Efforts aim to foster greater political participation among the diaspora for increased engagement.

Connecting with the Greek Diaspora & Digital Nomads

Athens, Greece–As Greece competes fiercely with other southern countries like Portugal to lure digital nomads, another agenda gathers momentum: connecting with the Greek diaspora. These two objectives are advantageous for Greece’s present and prospects.

According to an eKathimerini report, the Greek diaspora, particularly its digital nomads, are young, entrepreneurial individuals with inherent cultural ties to Greece. Engaging these individuals can benefit Greece in several ways, including countering population decline, compensating for brain drain, and counteracting the consequences of an aging population.

Pragmatic Benefits of Engagement

The report noted that there’s also a pragmatic aspect of engaging the Greek digital diaspora. Many diaspora members may possess property or inheritance in Greece, necessitating occasional tending. Although Greek administrations have made strides in simplifying related processes, further improvements are needed.

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As per the report, it might involve the establishment of a Greek Diaspora Center – a comprehensive resource center that provides diaspora members with crucial documents, like tax identification numbers, Greek IDs, Greek passports, and social security numbers. With proficient Greek-English bilingual officials, this ‘clearing house’ would assist diaspora members in navigating the complex bureaucracy. The center could also connect them with bilingual lawyers, engineers, health insurers, and tax advisors and offer professional Greek language instruction.

The Greek Diaspora Center could launch in Athens and expand to other significant locations such as Thessaloniki, the Peloponnese, Crete, and Syros.

The report noted that acquiring these documents through Greek embassies and consulates worldwide is possible. However, availing them all in one place in Greece would be easier, quicker, and more cost-effective for both the diaspora and the state.

Facilitating Political Participation

The report noted that engaging the diaspora also implies involving them in the political process, something recent efforts have failed to do significantly. The push for a Greek Diaspora Center is a step in this direction, aiming to facilitate greater political participation.

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While efforts to engage the non-Greek digital nomads should continue, Greece must also prioritize reaching out to its global digital diaspora. As the country looks towards its future, the time is ripe to encourage the Greek digital diaspora to think about and choose Greece.

What We Think

Fostering ties with Greece’s global digital diaspora is paramount. Simplifying bureaucratic processes through a centralized hub not only benefits the diaspora but also enhances governmental efficiency.

This strategic move not only streamlines services but also aims to bolster political engagement, a crucial step in leveraging the diaspora’s potential. Greece’s proactive approach signifies a commitment to future growth, aligning with its aspirations for progress and development.

Nurturing these connections with the diaspora stands as a pivotal strategy for Greece’s sustained advancement and cultural enrichment.
Learn more in the eKathimerini report.


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