Summer 2023: A Rundown of Budget-Friendly Last-Minute Travel Spots


If you’re looking for a last-minute summer getaway before Labor Day but are conscious of your budget, don’t fret! Priceline’s latest data reveals the most affordable travel destinations, brimming with inexpensive flights and hotels, for Summer 2023.

Budget-friendly Coastal Retreats

You’re in luck if your ideal vacation comprises basking under the sun on sandy beaches. According to Priceline, affordable beach holidays are within your reach in Florida, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. These destinations promise captivating beaches and many water-centric activities to keep you engaged and refreshed.

Affordable U.S. Destinations and Travel Hacks

Orlando, the theme park capital, tops the list for affordable flight options within the U.S. But remember, it’s not just about theme parks. Orlando’s vibrant food culture, rich heritage, and picturesque nature trails offer a well-rounded experience.

According to a Forbes story, consider staying in adjacent regions rather than downtown to save more. This approach could yield up to 45% savings in some instances, as Christina Bennett from Priceline suggests. For instance, staying in Canton, Michigan, lets you enjoy Detroit’s waterfront festivals and Ann Arbor’s charming shops and eateries at a cost-effective price.

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Unexpected Budget-friendly Gems

The Priceline list also includes surprising budget-friendly gems. For a unique and cost-effective summer vacation in the U.S., Atlanta and Cleveland offer a blend of affordability and attraction.

Mountainous Beauty on a Budget

The story noted that Denver stands out for those craving the majesty of mountains. Flight data from Priceline reveals that Denver is a cheaper travel option than last year, making it an excellent choice for a last-minute summer trip.

Venturing Abroad on a Budget

Per the story, for those yearning to step beyond U.S. borders without straining their wallets, Priceline’s data suggests affordable international destinations. Pattaya, Thailand, and Cancun offer cost-effective flights and hotels for an exotic and affordable summer vacation.

Smart Traveling Tips

Remember, flexibility and careful planning can help you maximize your travel budget. Look for discounts and deals, and be flexible with your travel dates. Priceline’s Trip Intelligence booking tools can assist in filtering based on flexibility, prices, amenities, sustainability, and family-friendly features, ensuring a tailored summer vacation that fits your needs.
Learn more in the entire story published by Forbes.

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