Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Lifting Of COVID-19 Measures

      Miami, FL--Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), a global cruise travel company, announced in a press release that it had updated its health and safety protocols...

      FieldStation: An Upcoming Luxury Outdoor Venture In the US

      According to the report, the first two outlets are scheduled to open in 2023 in Moab, Utah, and Joshua Tree, California.

      Malaysia’s Digital Nomad Visa Puts Certification Systems in Place

      The DE Rantau Nomad Pass will be open to applicants from October 1 onwards. It has an application fee of 1,000 Malaysian Ringgit ($220) and will be valid for 12 months.

      A Wanna-Be Digital Nomad Interviews An Established World Traveler

      Diego suggested looking at online resources that show the costs of living in various cities worldwide, the ground situation, and the "livability" of the place.

      Gentrification Pricing Out Residents in Digital Nomad Hotspots

      Mexico City--An increasing inflow of digital nomads into areas of lower housing costs in Mexico City has resulted in a housing crisis and protests...