Croatia Top 2023 Destination in Europe for Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Croatia emerges as the top choice for digital nomads due to a 132% increase in overnight stays in 2022.
  • Digital nomad visa and accommodation options contribute to Croatia’s appeal.
  • Nomad List rates Croatia and Japan highly, scoring them 4.9 as favored destinations.
  • Zagreb is recognized as Europe’s best value-for-money destination in a study by Mabrian.

Croatia: Top Digital Nomad Destination

Zagreb, Croatia–A recent study by Nomad List, a website that ranks cities based on their appeal to digital nomads, found Croatia to be the most desirable destination for digital nomads for the coming year.

According to a news release, the Central European nation saw a 132% increase in overnight stays throughout 2022, making it the fastest-recovering tourist destination in Europe post-pandemic.

“We achieved results that are at the record level of 2019 so far when it comes to tourist traffic, while in the first nine months, we already exceeded our revenues by more than one billion euros,” said Nikolina Brnjac, Minister of Tourism and Sports in another news report.

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Digital Nomad Infrastructure in Croatia

Croatia, among the first European countries to roll out a digital nomad visa, has earned the trust of nomads worldwide, boasting a wide array of options for long-term accommodations and co-working spaces. 

Furthermore, locals have learned to embrace nomads into their lifestyle and economy in a way rarely seen in other parts of the world. 

In late 2021, Croatia established its first digital nomad ‘village’ in Zadar called Digital Nomad Valley, a concept that first started in Madeira, Portugal, and is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. 

According to the NomadList survey data, the study scored Croatia and Japan (particularly Zagreb and Tokyo), each with a score of 4.9, making them the two favorite destinations worldwide for nomads. 

Recognition and Allure of Zagreb

Another report citing a study by travel company Mabrian found that Zagreb (capital of Croatia) was the best value-for-money destination in Europe as of June 2022. 

Croatia is a nation that has its entire coast on the Adriatic Sea and is famed for its blue water, pebbled beaches, rich cultural heritage and history, and vibrant nightlife. Dubrovnik is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning beaches and old city walls.

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What We Think

Croatia’s rapid ascent as the prime choice for digital nomads showcases its adaptability and appeal, evident in its post-pandemic tourism recovery and innovative initiatives like the Digital Nomad Valley.

The nation’s blend of cultural richness, coastal beauty, and affordability positions it favorably among global nomadic communities.

The recognition of Zagreb as Europe’s best value-for-money destination further solidifies Croatia’s standing, signifying its allure not just for tourists but for remote workers seeking a balance between work and exploration.


Aqil K
Aqil K
Aqil writes about travel, tourism, and covers the many aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle.


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