Dyninno Travel Rebrands to Trevolution Group


Key Takeaways

  • Dyninno Travel rebrands to Trevolution Group amidst structural changes and growth.
  • The rebrand reflects the company’s evolution and aims to enhance service quality post-pandemic.
  • Trevolution Group’s new brand vision combines the human touch with innovative technology.
  • The group includes various travel brands and is a leading market consolidator, selling over 50,000 air tickets and holidays monthly.

Dyninno Travel Becomes Trevolution Group

Valletta MT and San Francisco CA–Dyninno Travel, which incorporates the travel businesses of the Dyninno Group, announced in a press release a rebranding in response to accelerated growth and the revisal of its corporate vision.

At the heart of the rebranding, per the release, is a structural change of the division as well as the official name change – from Dyninno Travel to Trevolution Group.

“The rebrand and launch of the new website represent our ambitions and reflect how the business has evolved,” said Alex Weinstein, the Founder of the Dyninno Group, in the press release. “Our business has gone through extensive development and now, given our restructuring, we feel a necessity to consolidate our entities under one umbrella brand.”

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A New Era for Travel Industry Leaders

According to Alex Weinstein, the brand now reflects a vision to deliver much more than airfares. “In the post-pandemic world, the value of service and the ability to provide the proper level of support became essential; that is only possible with a standardized level of service quality,” Weinstein commented in the company press release. “The aim of the new Trevolution brand is to combine the human touch with innovative technologies. This is where we stand — developing, shaping, and evolving the travel industry. Therefore the name: Trevolution.”

The group’s rebranding, notes the release, includes restructuring and consolidation, as well as a top-to-bottom redesign of the website, a name change for the division, a new corporate logotype, graphics, communications, and correspondence.

Throughout the years, Trevolution, which operates International Travel Network, ASAP Tickets, Skylux Travel, Aviajet, TravelTech, and other travel brands, has established itself as the market leader in the travel business, specializing in the visiting friends and relatives segment. Over 50,000 air tickets and package holidays have been sold by Trevolution Group monthly, which makes it the seventh-largest consolidator in the US.

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What We Think

The rebranding of Dyninno Travel to Trevolution Group signifies a strategic shift in response to the changing travel industry landscape.

By focusing on a combination of personalized service and technological innovation, Trevolution is positioning itself to meet the new demands of post-pandemic travel. This move could set a new benchmark for customer service quality and operational excellence within the travel sector.

Link to the original release.


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