Expert Travel Advice From Retired Golf Pro Trevor Immelman


Winter Park, Florida–Trevor Immelman, the retired professional golfer from South Africa, recently shared his essential travel tips for enthusiasts looking to enjoy a comfortable golfing trip in an interview with GOLF magazine.

In the interview, Immelman said that traveling can be especially challenging for golfers due to having to carry their clubs and other golf equipment wherever they go. However, he feels that trips can be made much more enjoyable and less stressful with the right gear and prior preparation.

Immelman said that for him, chargers and battery packs were top priorities while traveling, especially ones with multiple ports.

This would prove useful as golfers, in addition to personal gadgets, use various other electronic devices, including GPS, rangefinders, swing analyzers, scorekeeping apps, and golf simulators.

“TSA PreCheck and CLEAR is a must,” he said in the interview. “It’s a game-changer; there’s no doubt how much time it can save in the space of a year. Just thinking about this morning even, it must have saved 30 minutes in security just with that.”

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TSA PreCheck is a program offered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States that allows pre-approved passengers to go through an expedited security screening process at participating airports.

CLEAR is another US airport program that uses biometrics ID technology to speed up the security screening process. Members could bypass the queue directly to the designated security screening area.

Trevor Immelman via Instagram

Immelman also recommends making all the necessary bookings before traveling, something he says his wife usually did for him even though she no longer traveled with him as much.

“She always pre-books all the restaurants and stuff like that [at tournaments], so we have a place to go every night,” he said, adding that when attending a big event, there would be a lot of fans in town and that restaurant would usually be full.

Trevor Immelman is a retired golfer who spends his days as a tournament analyst and television commentator. He has won 12 tournaments, including two PGA tours and the prestigious ‘Masters Tournament 2008’.

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The original interview is a part of Road Rules, a print series that targets professionals in the field of golfing, including players, caddies, course raters, teachers, and writers.


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