Exploring the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Flatio’s 2023 Report Unveils Popular Destinations and Challenges


Key Takeaways

  • Portugal leads digital nomad preferences, followed by Spain, Madeira, Germany, and Romania.
  • Cost, sunshine, safety, Wi-Fi, and healthcare matter most. Most earn €31k-50k annually, needing €2,000-€3,900 monthly.
  • Dominated by Americans and Brits, aged 18-39. Challenges include accommodation, social connections, and administrative tasks.
  • Many seek digital nomad visas; Airbnb and Booking.com are top choices for accommodation, favoring apartments and hotels.

Flatio’s report reveals that Portugal is the top destination among digital nomads, with 27.1% of respondents favoring it.

The top five are completed by Spain (8.6%), Madeira (3.9%), Germany (3.5%), and Romania (2.8%). Spain shows a growing interest among digital nomads, with 14.5% keen to visit next. When choosing a location, most nomads consider the cost (46.6%), followed by sunshine (15%), safety (12%), Wi-Fi quality (9.4%), and good healthcare (6.1%).

Digital Nomad Earnings: A Reality Check

According to a report published by Sifted, most digital nomads fall into the €41k-50k annual salary bracket (15.7%), followed by €31k-40k (14.5%).

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Notably, only 8.8% earn more than €100k. Regarding monthly income, a quarter of respondents stated that €3,000-€3,900 is needed, while 23.2% pegged it at €2,000-€2,900. A smaller group (13.7%) believed one could survive with €1,000-€1,900 monthly.

The Brits and Americans Embracing Nomadism

The report noted that American and UK nationals comprise a significant portion of the digital nomad population, representing 37.4% and 12.3%, respectively. Within Europe, digital nomads are also likely to hail from Germany (5.6%), Austria (4%), or France (3%). The age distribution is skewed towards the younger end, with over half (52.6%) aged between 30-39 and 22.4% aged between 18-29.

Challenges of Digital Nomad Life

As per the survey, the most considerable frustration for digital nomads is finding accommodation (39.8%).

The second biggest challenge is social, with 23.2% finding it hard to make friends or meet people. Administrative tasks, including tax issues, healthcare, and visas, are common pain points.

Family Travel: An Emerging Trend

Although 43.4% of digital nomads travel solo, some travel with partners, family, or friends. Significantly, 17.5% of respondents travel with their families, reflecting the rise in family workations.

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The Verdict on Digital Nomad Visas

The report noted that most digital nomads have or are applying for a digital nomad visa, yet 44.2% do not. The majority (61.5%) find these visas beneficial, while 15% believe they need improvement. Notably, Spain’s digital nomad visa, approved in 2022, was considered beneficial by 58.8% of respondents.

Finding a Home Away From Home

Airbnb tops the list for finding accommodation abroad (20.8%), closely followed by Booking.com (17.4%).

Digital nomads prefer private apartments (34.7%) or hotels (33.8%). The typical monthly rent falls within €501-700 for a quarter of respondents, with 20% paying less (€301-500), and 18% paying slightly more (€701-900).

What We Think

The report underlines Portugal’s allure among digital nomads and sheds light on their preferences and challenges. While earnings are diverse, the need for affordable living is evident.

The survey portrays a younger demographic seeking flexible work setups. Challenges in finding accommodation and fostering social connections highlight the necessity for nomad-friendly environments.

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The positive reception of digital nomad visas suggests an evolving landscape catering to remote workers. Accommodation platforms play a crucial role, catering to nomads’ preferences.

Learn more in the entire report published by Sifted.


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