Greece Opens Doors to Global Digital Nomads with New Visa


Key Takeaways:

  • Greece introduced a Digital Nomad Visa for non-European citizens, eliminating the need for local job offers.
  • Around 1,693 visas have already been granted.
  • Visa holders can work for any global employer and travel across Schengen countries.

The program entices remote workers, allowing them to operate from Greece for employers worldwide, provided they meet specific financial benchmarks.

Visa Duration and Flexibility

According to a Nairametrics report, the visa is initially valid for one year, with the possibility of an extension.

A standout feature permits holders to travel to various Schengen European countries, amplifying its appeal.

Scope of Work

The visa is flexible. Digital nomads can be associated with various roles – from YouTubers, Bloggers, freelance writers, developers, and more.

Application Process Timeframe

Processing your visa application can span from 10 days up to a month.

And remember, a valid letter of employment is essential for those working remotely for companies.

Financial Considerations for the Visa

  • Application charge: €75.
  • Administrative fee: €150.
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The report noted that the monthly salary criterion stands at a minimum of €3,500. If you relocate with a spouse and a dependent, the figure rises to €4,830/month.

Taxation in Greece for Digital Nomads

Stays shorter than six months are tax-free.

Per the report, beyond that duration, taxation begins with a lucrative offer: 50% of a nomad’s monthly income remains untaxed for the initial seven years.

Where to Stay and Work in Greece

Greece, a European gem, boasts breathtaking landscapes, beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine. Hotspots include:

  • Athens: Renowned for its rich history, affordable living, and 40 coworking spaces.
  • Thessaloniki: A port city housing attractions like the White Tower and six coworking spaces.
  • Santorini: Work amidst serene beaches and iconic white houses.
  • Rhodes: A perfect blend of medieval charm and nature.

Popular coworking sites span from Stone Soup Coho to Patras Tiny Coworking Space.

What We Think

Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa program underscores its commitment to embracing global talent.

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Its rich culture, coupled with this lucrative visa offer, is bound to make Greece a top destination for digital nomads.

Besides, it is so well located in Europe opens up doors for travelers looking to move around a lot. In that way, they can have their base in Greece, and then travel around.

With some more marketing and more travelers and digital nomads settling in, the impact of this visa will be even more evident.


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