Hungary’s Attractive Digital Nomad Visa: The White Card Initiative


Budapest, Hungary–In 2022, Hungary introduced the White Card, a digital nomad visa granting foreign nationals a year-long stay while working for an offshore company. The visa is curated explicitly for digital nomads, investors, and entrepreneurs, offering an uncomplicated pathway to temporary residency sans local sponsorship.

According to a Fintech report, the visa has gained recognition as Europe’s most accessible digital nomad visa, necessitating a minimum monthly earning of EUR 2,000, a more attainable benchmark than counterparts like Portugal, Malta, and Croatia.

The report noted that Hungary’s appeal to digital nomads extends to its affordable cost of living, secure environment, robust infrastructure, high-speed internet connectivity, and varied climate. Further enhancing its attraction, the White Card offers a favorable taxation scheme, with a six-month tax exemption and unhindered travel within the Schengen zone.

The report noted that the White Card, reserved for non-European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) workers, mandates a confirmed employment relationship or profitable business ownership outside Hungary. Additionally, applicants must meet a EUR 2,000 monthly minimum income threshold and operate their work or business from Hungary using advanced digital technology.

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For the White Card application, proof of a valid passport, income for six months preceding the entry, accommodation in Hungary, and comprehensive health insurance access are required. The application fee is EUR 110, and the processing duration is around 30 calendar days. Post-arrival, permit holders must register their accommodation with local authorities.

While the White Card permits a renewable one-year stay, it does not offer sponsorship for spouses or dependents. Permit holders must reside in the country for at least 90 days within a 180-day timeframe.

The report stated that digital nomad visas are rising worldwide in the face of the remote work revolution. They attract foreign talent and stimulate tourism. Digital nomads from fields like software development, design, writing, and consulting contribute to local economies, fostering economic growth.

The report states over 50 countries offer digital nomad visas, including Estonia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Italy, and more. While Italy hosts popular digital nomad visa schemes, Romania has recently legislated a tax regime favorable for digital nomads. The continuous global rise in such schemes attests to the growing prominence of the digital nomad lifestyle.
Learn more in the Fintech report.

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