Ingenious Travel Hack: Five Words to Enhance Your Vacation Experience


Key Takeaways

  • TikTok creator Anna Paul shared a travel hack: searching ‘unique things to book in’ a city to find offbeat activities.
  • This simple search phrase aims to uncover unconventional experiences beyond typical sightseeing.
  • Paul highlights that such activities, like a bread-making class in Paris, create memorable moments surpassing iconic landmarks.
  • Her advice emphasizes the significance of these unique experiences in making trips more enjoyable and memorable.

Anna Paul’s Travel Hack

New York, NY–Claiming to be a traveling mastermind, TikTok creator Anna Paul divulged a simple yet effective hack for making the most of any trip to a foreign city—just type a five-word sentence into a search engine.

According to a New York Post report, in a May TikTok video, Paul appealed to her followers, “I am a travel genius, steal this idea from me.”

Unveiling Memorable Encounters

The report noted that her advice involves a basic search engine query when visiting a new city. Type ‘unique things to book in’ followed by the city’s name, and select from a range of activities. Paul believes this can transform your travel experience beyond the typical sightseeing.

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As per the report, Paul pointed out that the little activities you reserve often become the journey’s highlights. She recounted her trip to Paris with her boyfriend, Glenn, where they used the search phrase to uncover a small bakery offering a bread-making class. This unique experience, she shared, created an unforgettable memory.

Unexpected Adventures Await

“You don’t think back on the Eiffel Tower, you think, ‘Remember when we made that baguette? Why was it the best baguette I’ve ever had in my life?’” she pointed out, as per the report. “That is what makes trips so fun.”

In the report, she further mentioned that such unique activities could lead to unexpected adventures, as their bakery visit sparked an exploratory two-hour walk leading to tiny French bookstores and chocolate shops.

Paul recommended walking everywhere in a new city, as it provides a unique perspective of the locale. The encouragement to ‘look up unique activities to book’ is a surefire way to enhance the travel experience. According to her, this tip makes your trip “a thousand times more insane.”

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What We Think

Anna Paul’s travel advice offers a transformative way to explore new destinations. By seeking unique activities through a simple online search, travelers can unearth hidden gems and authentic experiences that often surpass traditional sightseeing.

Her emphasis on the profound impact of these offbeat encounters reshapes travel narratives, fostering a more immersive and culturally enriching experience. This approach not only creates lasting memories but also encourages travelers to embrace spontaneity, fostering a deeper connection with the places they visit.

Paul’s advice underscores the value of curiosity and exploration in crafting truly unforgettable journeys, making every trip a treasure trove of unique and cherished moments.

Learn more in the full New York Post report.


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