Does Insurance Cover Airline Strikes? Yonder Answers


Key Takeaways

  • Travel insurance typically covers costs arising from flight disruptions due to airline strikes, including unused bookings and expenses during delays.
  • Yonder Travel Insurance recommends understanding policy coverage, filing claims promptly with necessary documentation, and consistent follow-up to avoid claim denials.
  • Early insurance purchase, understanding policy terms, and maintaining travel documents are crucial preventive measures to avoid claim rejections, especially during airline disruptions.

Minneapolis, MN–In light of the ongoing airline labor disputes that first erupted in July last year, travel insurance comparison platform Yonder Travel Insurance addressed some of the frequently asked questions and offered advice to travelers in an article released on February 8.

Last year, countless flights worldwide were grounded during the Christmas holiday due to internal conflicts airlines faced from employees striking for better working conditions and increased pay (read all about it here).

Although many airlines have complied, negotiations are still underway for many (United Airlines and American Airlines), with a probability of disruptions in airline operations again this year. 

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Does insurance cover airline strikes?

In the report, Yonder discloses that most insurance providers cover the costs incurred in the case of delays or cancelations (including strikes) in flights, including things like hotels or tours booked that you could not use due to the delay/cancellation.

Travel insurance could also reimburse the flight ticket and the hotels, meals, and transportation used during the delay (if delayed by a specific amount of time, usually between three to 12 hours).

“Travelers should double-check their policy includes travel delay coverage since costs associated with flight delays can be quite high without it,” says Terry Boynton, Co-founder and President of Yonder Travel Insurance, in another report.

How to avoid a denied travel insurance claim

In an article released last June, Yonder describes the best ways to ensure that insurance claims are not denied. They include:

  • Make sure you understand your coverage when taking out an insurance policy. 
  • File your claim as soon as possible. 
  • Ensure that all documents are duly submitted. That could mean you make it a habit to save all your invoices and receipts while traveling in case the need arises.
  • Regularly follow-up after the claim has been made.
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“Don’t wait to purchase travel insurance after booking your trip,” said Boynton in a news release, adding that you wouldn’t get your claims approved if the policy were bought after a strike occurs, advising travelers to purchase it soon after making the first deposit of booking.

What We Think

Yonder Travel Insurance’s insights provide valuable guidance for travelers navigating potential disruptions due to ongoing airline labor disputes.

Understanding insurance coverage and taking proactive steps like timely claim filing and documentation are vital to ensure smoother resolutions and avoid claim denials during unforeseen travel disruptions.

The advice emphasizes the importance of early insurance purchase and proactive measures to safeguard against potential complications arising from airline strikes or related issues.


Aqil K
Aqil K
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