Interior Design Maestro: Naii Vegas Merges Nature and Versatility Across Continents


Naii Vegas, an avant-garde interior designer, has set her signature style in 10 countries worldwide.

Her designs resonate with the harmony of nature, repurposing existing materials and ingeniously weaving in raw, rustic elements. 

“My approach serves as a gateway to our natural world: a reconnection with the splendid spaces we’ve inadvertently distanced ourselves from,” said Vegas in an interview with District Fray Magazine.

Versatility in Creative Concepts

The interview noted that Vegas’ vast portfolio isn’t restricted to interior designs. It spans product creation and set design, showcasing her adaptability and flair in every sphere. 

When asked about the secret sauce behind her consistent creativity, 

Vegas reveals, “I’m an avid observer who tracks evolving trends. I immerse myself in creative processes by scrutinizing architecture, fashion design, music and photography.”

According to her, conceptual frameworks bestow the backbone for her projects.

“Each element possesses intent, from graphics to furnishings, and spaces cocoon the essence of the concept,” she adds, per the interview.

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A Dynamic Partnership with Selina D.C.

Having collaborated with Selina in D.C. as a designer for half a decade, Vegas cherishes the bond she shares with the company. 

“Selina has evolved into a steadfast ally, a company that nurtured my growth and fortified my prowess in high-scale commercial projects,” she mentions in the interview. 

The synergy she shares with Selina projects in places like Chicago and D.C. marks the zenith of her career.

Vegas foresees a future ripe with novel ventures and digital nomadic escapades with Selina.

Why D.C.? Naii’s Nomadic Heart Finds a Home

The interview noted that though a self-described nomad, Vegas holds a special place for D.C. in her heart.

The city’s community, characterized by mutual support and professional advancement, has deeply resonated with her.

She confesses her love for D.C.’s educated, kind-hearted populace its captivating museums, art, and architecture. 

” I truly believe it’s the opportune moment to cultivate my community, and being rooted in D.C. has propelled my growth exponentially within the span of a year and a half,” she concluded the interview.

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Read more in the entire District Fray Magazine interview.


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