Japan Considers Digital Nomad Visa to Boost Tourism and Consumption


Tokyo, Japan–The Japanese government is considering a special visa for digital nomads to attract the growing number of global remote workers. With many countries in Europe and elsewhere rolling out digital nomad visas, Japan hopes to enhance foreign consumption by creating a hospitable environment for highly skilled workers.

According to The Straits Times report, digital nomads typically perform location-independent work on digital devices, including software development and website design. Based on international data, the global digital nomad population is estimated at 35 million, contributing approximately ¥110 trillion (S$1.06 trillion) in annual spending.

The report noted that the government’s action plan, expected to be finalized in May, aims to return the number of foreign visitors to pre-pandemic levels. This plan will discuss challenges related to introducing a digital nomad visa, including matters of visas and residential status.

The report stated that Japan currently has visa-free arrangements with 69 countries, allowing stays of up to 90 days. However, considering that about 66% of digital nomads remain in one location for three to six months, the government is contemplating a visa allowing stays exceeding 90 days.

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Individuals planning to work in Japan for over 90 days must secure a working visa, generally requiring an income from a Japanese-based company. This rule excludes those earning from overseas companies.

In response to the digital nomad trend, various nations in Europe, Central and South America have initiated visa programs, allowing remote workers to stay between six months and two years.
Learn more in the entire Straits Times report.


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