JUXTA Introduces Nomad Mini Marts for EV Charging Stations


Key Takeaways

  • North Carolina-based tech startup JUXTA launches Nomad, a portable, autonomous mini mart targeting the growing EV charging stations in the US and Europe.
  • Nomad provides a turnkey retail solution, eliminating the need for staff and offering a quick setup for operators.
  • The venture already attracts retail partners and interest from major EV OEMs, showcasing a promising outlook for this autonomous retail innovation.

JUXTA, a tech startup under industrial tech company Vontier, recently unveiled Nomad, its autonomous mini mart solution designed for EV charging stations.

According to Electrek, launched less than a year after JUXTA’s inception, Nomad aims to redefine convenient retail by providing a turnkey solution that requires minimal setup.

This autonomous retail hub was showcased at the Renewal 2023 festival in Colorado, drawing attention for its seamless operation and convenience.

Inside the Nomad, sensors and cameras work in tandem to track item selections, creating a digital basket for each customer, all in a contactless, self-service environment.

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Strategic Focus and Partnerships

JUXTA aims to bridge the retail gap at charging stations by targeting the B2B sector, particularly the booming EV charging segment.

Following its launch, JUXTA secured partnerships with Choice Market in Denver and Golden Pantry in Georgia, establishing the first steps towards actualizing its vision.

Discussions are underway with several EV charging networks and major EV OEMs, reflecting a growing interest in integrating Nomad marts at charging sites.

Operational Ease and Future Rollout

The JUXTA Nomad can be fully operational within 12 hours of installation, offering an easy transition into retail for EV charging stations.

According to a BIS Infotech article, with the autonomous nature of Nomad, operators are relieved from the challenges of human labor dependency while still ensuring compliance with age-restricted sales through advanced verification technologies.

Four men entering Juxta offices
Image via Juxta

Maintenance, cleaning, and restocking are streamlined, with AI and camera technology facilitating hygiene monitoring and inventory management.

The Nomad’s compact yet efficient design promises to be a highly profitable retail format, with a rollout expected in the US in 2023 and Europe in 2024.

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Broader Implications

JUXTA’s initiative exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to micro-retail, catering to the evolving needs of EV users.

By providing a convenient retail solution, JUXTA enhances the charging station experience and addresses broader retail challenges such as real estate utilization, profit margins, and labor shortages.

What Do We Think

The advent of JUXTA’s Nomad represents a significant stride in autonomous retail, aligning with the transition towards EVs and the demand for convenience in retail.

The early partnerships and ongoing discussions with major players in the EV sector bode well for JUXTA’s vision, and the anticipated rollout in the US and Europe will be a significant milestone to watch.

This venture signifies a promising synergy between retail and EV charging infrastructure, potentially setting a precedent for future innovations.


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