Marrakech: A Rising Star of the African Digital Nomad Circuit


Key Takeaways

  • Despite occasional challenges like power outages, Marrakech remains an attractive and affordable destination for digital nomads.
  •’s analysis of Instagram posts tagged #digitalnomad highlights Marrakech as the second most desired African hub for remote workers.
  • Marrakech’s appeal lies in its reliable internet, diverse co-working spaces, and vibrant street art scene, attracting remote workers seeking culturally rich lifestyles.

Marrakech, Morocco–Despite the occasional hurdles such as load shedding and intermittent power outages, Marrakech’s allure persists as an affordable and desirable location for the digital nomad lifestyle. Rising to prominence, Marrakech has become the second most enticing African hub for digital nomads.

Marrakech’s Digital Nomad Magnetism

According to a Morocco World News report, a recent study by, a prominent online resume builder, indicated that while Cape Town takes the top spot for its vibrant digital nomad activity on Instagram, Marrakech closely follows as the next most coveted destination on the continent.

The report noted that the study, analyzing thousands of Instagram posts tagged with #digitalnomad, offers valuable insights into the preferred working locales of the modern, remote workforce and current trends following the global pandemic’s impact. It underscored a revitalization of the digital nomad culture as remote workers explored exciting new work destinations.

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The report noted that the study was meticulously sieved through Instagram posts to ensure data accuracy, excluding spam accounts and bots. Examining geotagged data and country mentions in captions. It successfully identified the favored spots of digital nomads.

The study unveiled several significant hotspots globally that have become irresistible to digital nomads. In Europe, London stands out with a notable count of 20,556 Instagram posts tagged with #digitalnomad, solidifying its status as the European and global hub.

Factors Driving Marrakech’s Attraction

Per the report, the attractions in Marrakech for remote workers are its reliable internet connectivity, diverse co-working spaces, and thriving street art scene.

The report noted that despite the occasional connectivity challenges, Marrakech’s appeal as a digital nomad haven lies in its intriguing blend of affordable and culturally rich lifestyles.

What We Think

Marrakech’s emergence as a digital nomad hotspot underscores the shifting landscape of remote work post-pandemic. The city’s blend of affordability, cultural richness, and amenities like co-working spaces presents a compelling draw.

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While occasional challenges persist, such as power outages, the allure of Marrakech’s digital nomad lifestyle continues to captivate individuals seeking both work flexibility and cultural immersion.

This trend mirrors a global shift toward diverse work destinations that offer a blend of modern connectivity and cultural vibrancy, reshaping traditional notions of work-life balance.

Learn more in the full Morocco World News report.


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