Miami Beach DMO Initiates New Promotion Campaign


Key Takeaways

  • Miami Beach offers diverse experiences from salsa lessons to art museums and wellness centers, appealing to a wide range of visitors.
  • Survey data indicates traveller interest in pushing comfort zones and seeking culture shock experiences, aligning with Miami’s introduction of new activities.
  • Miami serves as a hub for commerce, arts, and multinational corporations, providing ample office spaces and co-working facilities.
  • The city’s vibrant beach culture includes water sports, fine dining, and bustling nightlife, making it an attractive destination.

Diverse Offerings in Miami Beach

Miami, FL–The Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA), the official destination marketing organization for Miami Beach, issued a news release on November 29 describing the various services and activities that local establishments currently offer tourists.

From Salsa dancing lessons to a large variety of bars and lounges, art museums, children’s entertainment, and meditation and wellness centres, the MBVCA claims to cater to all population segments.

“Miami Beach is a fusion of cultures, traditions, languages, cuisines, and experiences that offer our visitors the chance to discover, first-hand, the very fabric of what makes our destination the perfect place to push travel boundaries,” said Steve Adkins, Chairman of the MBVCA in the release.

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Survey Insights and Experiential Tourism

In the release, the MBVCA cites data collected from a recent survey on global travellers conducted by, which finds that 73% (of respondents) are seeking an “out of comfort zone” travel that pushes them to the limit, and 50% of them are interested in experiences that give them a complete culture shock. Furthermore, the survey found that 44% of respondents desire a “meditation or mindfulness getaway.”

“Miami Beach’s hotels, restaurants, and museums are constantly introducing new experiences to give travellers options that fulfil their desires to embark on activities that take them out of their comfort zone,” said Grisette Marcos, Executive Director of the MBVCA, 

Miami: A Hub for Commerce and Culture

Considered one of the best destinations for executive digital nomads, Miami is an international hub for commerce and arts. It also serves as the base and HQ for many multinational corporations

This implies that even though relatively small compared to other US cities, the metropolitan in the Southern state of Florida has an abundance of office spaces and co-working facilities. The city is known for its comfortable, warm climate all year, and its rich beach culture, including water sports, fine dining, and beach-side nightlife.

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Those with a tight budget and seeking to stay long-term might have to compromise on the quality of accommodation and lifestyle. It is a commonly known fact that the United States is one of the most expensive countries to live in, more than 50% of digital nomads worldwide are Americans. Those considering Miami should know that it is a costly place to stay.

What We Think

Miami Beach’s multifaceted offerings reflect a commitment to catering to diverse traveller interests, aligning with global trends favouring experiences that push comfort boundaries. The city’s strategic position as a hub for commerce and arts draws digital nomads seeking varied workspaces and a vibrant lifestyle.

However, Miami’s allure comes with a cost, notably its high living expenses, which may impact long-term stays for budget-conscious travellers. Despite this, Miami remains an attractive destination for its year-round warm climate, rich beach culture, and myriad offerings across entertainment, dining, and professional opportunities.

Read the full release here.

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