Minneapolis DMO Launches Campaign To Re-Brand City


Key Takeaways

  • Meet Minneapolis launches the “See What All the Fuss Is About” campaign to correct the city’s image.
  • $500,000 budget for digital, broadcast, and print ads.
  • Aim: Highlight Minneapolis as a cultural and culinary hub.
  • Pre-pandemic, Minneapolis was a top tourist destination with arts, diverse neighborhoods, and outdoor activities.
  • Notable art museums and unique neighborhoods.

Minneapolis, MN–In a news release published last month, Meet Minneapolis, the city’s official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), announced a new campaign to correct a prevalent notion that Minneapolis is a ghost town or one that is “over-run.” The campaign was developed in collaboration with Periscope, a Minneapolis-based advertising agency.

Minneapolis Image Correction Campaign

Per the release, the campaign is dubbed “See What All the Fuss Is About” and will be accompanied by digital, broadcast, and print advertising, with $500,000 allocated for advert expenditure.

Minneapolis’ Allure

“People are talking about Minneapolis. Some of them have it wrong, but they are talking,” said Melvin Tennant, Meet Minneapolis’s president, and CEO, in the report, adding, “This campaign will invite those people to re-experience Minneapolis by authentically telling the city’s story as a place that has evolved over the past several years and continues to be a buzzing hub of culture, cuisine, and natural beauty.”

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The promotional drive aims to re-tell the city’s story to frequent visitors and future travelers and hopes to highlight the city’s offerings.

With its vibrant arts scene, diverse neighborhoods, and stunning natural beauty, Minneapolis had become among the top 10 destination cities in the US for tourists in 2018 (with an all-time high of 34 million visitors) until the pandemic hit.

“We’re excited to welcome new and returning visitors to come see what all the fuss is about in Minneapolis,” he added.

Minneapolis, located in Minnesota, is famous for its art and culture scene, outdoor recreational areas (abundance of lakes and parks), and sporting venues.

Some famous art museums include the Walker Art Center, one of the country’s premier contemporary art museums, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which boasts over 90,000 works, including pieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Minneapolis is also known for its diverse neighborhoods, each with a unique character. For example, the city’s North Loop neighborhood is home to trendy restaurants, bars, and boutiques, while the historic Mill District features beautifully restored buildings and cobblestone streets.

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What We Think

Minneapolis is taking a proactive approach to rebranding itself as a vibrant and thriving city. The “See What All the Fuss Is About” campaign is an excellent way to counter prevailing misconceptions and invite visitors to explore the city’s cultural, culinary, and natural treasures.

With a rich arts scene, diverse neighborhoods, and beautiful outdoor spaces, Minneapolis has much to offer. It’s a smart move to reclaim its status as a top destination.

We believe this campaign has the potential to rekindle interest in Minneapolis and draw both new and returning visitors to experience the city’s unique charms.

Read the full press release here.


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