The New Age of Nomads: The Rise of the Digital Wanderer


The fascination that comes with waking up in an exotic Airbnb, wandering the streets of a foreign city, and settling down with your laptop in a cafe or beachside bungalow is not just a dream. 

Thanks to the remote work surge post-pandemic, many people are living this nomadic reality, moving between destinations as frequently as every few weeks.

The Journey of Nomad Neeks

According to a report published in The National, Nicole Vilaca, popularly known as Nomad Neeks, is a testament to this trend.

Alongside running a digital marketing agency and a travel-centric podcast, she shifts countries with her partner every few weeks.

The report noted that Vilaca’s desire to change from the conventional Western way of life led her to China, where she lived for four years. 

While she no longer calls a single country home, her heart remains attached to places like Turkey, where she relishes the local culture and cuisine.

Chloe’s Balinese Adventure

Per the report, Bali has been a hotspot for digital nomads, and Chloe Rees has made it her home base. 

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Operating a Dubai-based business, Chloe found Bali’s time zone advantageous.

Beyond the work benefits, she’s embraced a calmer, more fulfilling lifestyle amidst Bali’s lush environment, despite some unique challenges like unexpected wildlife encounters and traffic!

The Fisher Family’s Worldly Exploration

The Fishers, a family of content creators, turned a life-altering event into an adventurous journey across continents.

From Asia to the Americas, they’ve managed a mix of traditional education and homeschooling for their children, emphasizing the importance of global citizenship.

Navigating Finances as a Nomad

The financial aspect of nomadic life varies significantly from traditional living. 

While online businesses and brand partnerships provide a consistent inflow, the concept of geo-arbitrage, where one earns in a strong currency and spends in a location with a lower cost of living, is widespread. 

Vilaca and Rees emphasize the importance of financial planning before leaping.

The Underlying Motivation

The report noted that losses, diagnoses, and the fear of living an unfulfilled life drive many of these nomads.

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For Vilaca, it was an urge to move away from a predetermined path. Clare Fisher cherishes the enriched worldview this lifestyle offers her family.

Dare to Dive In

Vilaca and Fisher echo a similar sentiment: If you’re drawn to this way of life, take the plunge. While you can’t predict every step, the journey will be invaluable.

As Clare succinctly puts it, it’s an experience “you will cherish forever.”

Learn more in the entire report published in The National.


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