Nomad Digital Showcases Intelligent Rail Solutions at TRAKO 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Hosts Central and Eastern Europe’s prominent railway trade fair with Nomad Digital as an exhibitor.
  • Focuses on showcasing advanced passenger and fleet management solutions at booth #35 in the UK Pavilion.
  • Highlights over 20 years of innovation, addressing challenges in transport operations and OEM relevance.
  • Aims to explore emerging trends like AI in data management, improved passenger connectivity, and cybersecurity in transport.

Gdańsk is set to host TRAKO 2023, Central and Eastern Europe’s most renowned railway trade fair. Nomad Digital, a pioneer in passenger and fleet management solutions, is among the esteemed exhibitors.

According to a Rail Business Daily report, Nomad Digital’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in the transport industry is globally recognized. Gerald von Pok, Regional Sales Director, EMEA/UK&I, emphasized the importance of global trade shows in showcasing their advanced solutions.

The report noted that the biennial TRAKO event is hailed for presenting state-of-the-art transport systems and railway infrastructures, making it an ideal setting for Nomad Digital to spotlight its digital portfolio.

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Spotlight on Solutions

The report noted that Nomad Digital’s booth #35 in the UK Pavilion will feature its latest passenger and fleet connectivity products. 

Celebrating over 20 years of innovation, their portfolio addresses various challenges transport operators and OEMs face, ensuring they remain relevant to Central and Eastern European businesses.

Attendees can expect insights into Nomad Digital’s offerings, including:

  • Onboard connectivity
  • Passenger entertainment solutions
  • Security-as-a-service
  • Fleet management and reporting solutions

At TRAKO, the team from Nomad Digital is keen to explore and discuss emerging digital trends, particularly:

  • Use cases surrounding artificial intelligence for data management
  • Enhancing passenger experience through improved connectivity
  • Addressing cybersecurity concerns in the transport sector

They believe understanding regional rail and transport challenges will guide their solutions and expertise to serve the Central and Eastern European markets better.

The UK’s Proud Rail Heritage

Per the report, while representing the UK rail sector, Nomad Digital is eager to connect with attendees on a personal level. Their booth at the UK Pavilion underscores the UK’s illustrious rail history, and the team is excited to partake in this celebration.

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The report noted that those interested in connecting with Nomad Digital will be available from 19 to 22 September 2023 at stand #B35 in the UK Pavilion, Hall B. Alternatively, they can contact for more information.


According to TRAKO’s website, as Poland’s rail industry event and one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest, TRAKO is a biennial gathering showcasing the best transport systems and railway infrastructure. 

The event spans four days, from 19 to 22 September 2023, with specific daily timings. Though primarily designed for trade visitors, the general audience is invited on the final day, September 22.

What We Think

TRAKO 2023’s spotlight on railway technology and infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe creates a significant platform for Nomad Digital’s innovative solutions. Their commitment to addressing industry challenges through cutting-edge products and discussions on emerging trends like AI and cybersecurity reflects a proactive approach.

As they engage with attendees and represent the UK rail sector, their dedication to serving regional market needs while celebrating rail heritage presents a strategic and customer-centric outlook.

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This participation signifies a proactive effort to stay abreast of evolving transport landscapes while fostering collaborative discussions within the industry.


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