Pipa: South America’s First ‘Village’ for Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • NomadX inaugurated South America’s first digital nomad ‘village’ in Pipa, Brazil, in collaboration with Pousada Morada dos Ventos resort.
  • The village offers serene settings, bungalow-like accommodations, and three pools, providing an ideal environment for remote workers.
  • Brazil introduced a digital nomad visa, allowing foreign remote workers to stay for up to two years, requiring proof of employment, minimum income, health insurance, and a clean record.

NomadX’s Digital Nomad Village in Pipa

Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil–On November 1, Lisbon-based start-up, NomadX, inaugurated South America’s first digital nomad ‘village’ in Pipa.

NomadX has collaborated with the Pousada Morada dos Ventos, a resort in Pipa that acts as a base for remote workers. The village, on Brazil’s East coast, is a five-hour flight (Northeast) from Rio de Janeiro, and a one and a half hour drive from Natal International Airport.

Digital Nomad Village Brazil’s website noted that the resort is laid out in a serene setting around three pools and is surrounded by tropical fauna and flora, with comfortable spaces in bungalow-like buildings — an ideal fit for digital nomads.

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The project was inspired by the success of NomadX CEO Gonçalo Hall’s earlier initiative on the Portuguese island of Madeira in February last year. 

NomadX has also started similar projects in its country of origin, Portugal, in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, an island off the western coast of Africa, and villages of Braunwald and Liddes, in Switzerland. 

Digital Nomadism in South America

As per reports, Nomad Village Brazil will operate for at least until April next year for their initial run phase. The organization has partnered with the local tourism board and the Brazilian government to offer a seamless tourism experience and promote Pipa in South America. 

South America had been a favorite for remote workers and digital nomads even before the pandemic due to its low cost of living, various landscapes, and developed city infrastructure. 

An increasing number of countries in the continent now offer a type of digital nomad visa, including Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, and Panama.

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Brazil launched a designated digital nomad visa (called the VITEM XIV) in January 2022, allowing foreign remote workers to stay in the country for one year (extendable for another year). 

To be eligible, applicants must prove employment (freelancing or non-Brazilian organization), show a minimum monthly income of $1,500 (or have a balance of at least $18,000 in savings), have valid health insurance, and have no criminal record.

What We Think

The launch of South America’s first digital nomad village in Pipa marks a significant step in accommodating remote workers seeking serene yet productive environments.

Brazil’s digital nomad visa adds to the allure of this initiative, offering extended stays with specific eligibility criteria. This move highlights the growing interest in fostering remote work culture globally and the strategic importance of providing tailored accommodations for this nomadic workforce.

Such initiatives could redefine tourism and work dynamics in the coming years, catering to the evolving needs of remote professionals.

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