Otterbox Announces Pro Power Wall and Car Chargers


Fort Collins, CO–OtterBox announced the launch of Premium Pro Power wall and car chargers in a press release.

These chargers come in three sizes: 72 watt, 60 watt and 30 watt. The 72 watt and 60 watt USB wall chargers pack enough punch to power up a laptop. The 30 watt charger paired with an OtterBox USB-C cable serves as an Apple charger to get iPhone to 57 percent charge in 30 minutes, says the report.

Per the news release, these chargers only take up the space of one outlet so you can stack chargers on both outlets or lined up on a power strip.

“OtterBox is committed to building products that will last multiple device cycles,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke, in the news release. “All of our products are tested to ensure they meet the durability standards people know and love with OtterBox products. OtterBox Premium Pro Power accessories are great for families, travelers and those conscious of making purchases that will last longer.”

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OtterBox Premium Pro Cables are bend and flex tested 30,000 times and have a longer strain relief to resist fraying at notorious weak points. The braided cables look clean on any countertop or in the bedroom with the included cable wrap. The wrap magnetically snaps together to keep cables organized and can secure cables to desks and tables using the magnetic mounting button.

Read more on these products in the entire news release.


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