Portugal’s Attraction for E-residents: NHR Tax Advantages Amidst Changing Visa Landscape


Key Takeaways

  • E-residency offers foreign entrepreneurs a digital identity, enabling remote business management and providing tax advantages.
  • Portugal’s NHR program grants tax benefits for e-residents, exempting foreign income and offering special rates for professionals.
  • Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme, attracting expats for citizenship, is being phased out due to housing concerns, with the D7 visa emerging as an alternative.

E-residency is the modern answer to our increasingly digital world. Awarded by specific countries, it gives foreign entrepreneurs a digital identity, allowing them to manage businesses remotely. 

This opens doors to a broader market and provides significant tax flexibilities, making it invaluable for digital entrepreneurs and freelancers.

NHR in Portugal: The Tax Haven for Modern Professionals

According to an APN News article, Portugal’s NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) program is the country’s forward-thinking response to the digital transformation in work culture

It provides e-residents, who make Portugal their tax residence but earn from other countries, with notable tax advantages for ten years. 

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Applicants must ensure they haven’t been tax residents in Portugal for the last five years and meet the necessary residence duration requirements.

Key Benefits

The article noted that critical benefits include:

Exemption on Foreign Income: The bulk of income for many e-residents is foreign. Portugal’s NHR often exempts such income from local taxation if taxed in its originating country.

Pension Perks: Some foreign pensions might fall under the tax-exempt category in the NHR program.

Avoiding Double Taxation: With a vast array of Double Taxation Agreements, Portugal ensures you’re not paying taxes twice on identical income.

Special Rates for Professionals: Certain professions might enjoy a flat 20% tax rate on income generated in Portugal.

In the global scene, while countries like Malta and Singapore do offer tax incentives, Portugal stands out, blending fiscal benefits with lifestyle perks.

As stated in an iExpats article, Portugal’s Golden Visa has long attracted expats, providing them with more accessible paths to Portuguese citizenship and residence. 

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However, in light of a mounting housing crisis, the government has chosen to conclude the Golden Visa scheme, which, since its inception in 2012, drew over 12,000 expats and around 6.8 billion euros in investment. The goal now is to address the increasing housing prices and rents.

Golden Visa Alternatives: With the Golden Visa pathway likely ending, the D7 visa emerges as an alternative. This visa caters to those who have passive income sources, such as pensions or investments, and is a gateway to Portuguese citizenship after five years.

Becoming A Non-Habitual Tax Resident

The article noted that the NHR program is still strong, providing applicants with financial and tax incentives and unlimited access to the Schengen Zone. However, the pathway to the NHR status usually begins with being granted the Golden Visa, which might affect its accessibility in the future.

What We Think

E-residency and Portugal’s NHR program exemplify modern solutions for remote work and international entrepreneurship, offering significant tax advantages and access to the Schengen Zone.

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The evolution of Portugal’s visa schemes, from the conclusion of the Golden Visa to the emergence of alternatives like the D7 visa, reflects the country’s adaptability amid changing needs and economic landscapes.

Such programs highlight the growing intersection of technology, mobility, and favorable fiscal policies for global professionals seeking flexible opportunities.


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