RV Retailer LLC Rebrands, Will Now be Called Blue Compass RV


Fort Lauderdale, FL–RV Retailer LLC, a new/second-hand RV dealership based in the United States, announced in a news release that it has officially changed its name to Blue Compass RV.

The company stated that the new logo and brand name would take to the stores physically by next year.

Based out of Florida, the company has over 100 stores across the country, each acting as an RV dealership and service center. 

“We are excited to launch the Blue Compass RV brand,” said Jon Ferrando, Founder, President, and CEO of Blue Compass RV, in the news release.

“Our goal is to create a powerful, iconic RV brand around an exceptional customer experience provided by our passionate associates across America,” Ferrando added. “This is the next exciting phase for our company. We will make significant investments to promote the brand as we continue to relentlessly invest in all aspects of our business and grow our RV share.”

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Blue Compass RV (previously known as RV Retailer LLC) underwent a rapid expansion and acquisitions phase over the last two years by partnering with over 80 established RV businesses across the United States, extending their brand reach nationwide. 

Some of the RV industry brands they acquired include Appleway RV (Washington), A&S RV Centers (Michigan), Country Camper (New Hampshire), Acquire Manteca Trailer, and Motorhomes (California), to name a few.

“This is an incredible milestone for our team to reach 100 RV locations in under four years, continuing our momentum as the fastest-growing RV company in the industry,” said Ferrando in another release.

The RV retail company was announced as a gold award winner at the 12th Annual Globee Business Excellence Awards in mid-October.

Learn more in this news release.


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