Samsonite and New Balance Collaboration: From Asia Pacific Collection to the ‘Live United’ Campaign”


Key Takeaways

  • Samsonite partnered with New Balance for a line of luggage and bags in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The collection features semi-transparent polycarbonate shells with reversible, colored pouches for customization.
  • Different bag types cater to various needs, from small crossbody bags to luggage, offering functionality and style.
  • The collection will be accessible in Samsonite retail outlets, online, departmental stores, official distributors, and select New Balance stores.

SLuggage manufacturing company Samsonite has partnered with sports footwear and apparel company New Balance for its new product line.

Scheduled for launches across the Asia-Pacific region over the year, the latest New Balance × Samsonite range features a hard shell made from semi-transparent (black or white) polycarbonate with a selection of reversible, coloured (inner lining) pouches.

Per the news release, the bags were designed so that users could change the colour of the bag (by changing the coloured pouches) to suit the travel occasion or as display cases for showing off a prized shoe collection (by removing it).

Kim Hee Jeong, Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Samsonite Asia, stated in the release that through this collection, they aimed to address the travel and lifestyle needs of the current consumer.

She mentioned that such a consumer pursues multiple passions and professions, celebrates their successes in life, and aspires to ‘Live Undefined.’

What’s Included in The New Balance × Samsonite licensed products

Small Crossbody Bag

The small crossbody bag is launched in a semi-transparent black or white case. Each case comes with two small reversible pouches:

  • White case: with ‘orange & white’ and ‘aqua & pink’ small pouches
  • Black case: with ‘teal & black’ and ‘lime & purple’ small pouches
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Shoe Box Crossbody Bag

Available in a semi-transparent case in black or white. Each case comes with two medium reversible pouches:

  • White case: with ‘orange & white’ and ‘aqua & pink’ medium pouches
  • Black case: with ‘teal & black’ and ‘lime & purple’ medium pouches

18-inch Luggage

This is launched in a semi-transparent case in black or white. Each case comes with one sizeable reversible pouch:

  • White case: with ‘orange & white pouch
  • Black case: with ‘teal & black’ pouch

22-inch Luggage

The 22-inch luggage comes in a semi-transparent case in black or white. Each case comes with two medium reversible pouches and one large reversible pouch:

  • White case: with ‘orange & white’ and ‘aqua & pink’ medium pouches and ‘orange & white’ large pouch.
  • Black case: with ‘teal & black’ and ‘lime & purple’ medium pouches and ‘teal & black’ large pouch.

New Balance × Samsonite Availability

The company said in a news release that the collection will be available at all Samsonite retail stores, on the Samsonite website, departmental stores, official distributors, and selected New Balance stores.

Samsonite has previously collaborated with brands, designers, celebrities, artists, and other entities to launch unique lines featuring collaborative designs, including:

  • BTS × Samsonite collection
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat × Samsonite collection
  • Samsonite × Diesel collection
  • BAPE × Samsonite RED (A Bathing Ape)
  • Samsonite × Van Gogh Museum collection
  • Mercedes-Benz by Samsonite collection
  • McLaren Sport collection

Samsonite’s ‘Live United’ Campaign with New Balance

In April, the Samsonite and New Balance unveiled their new collaborative effort, ‘ Live United.’

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According to a post about the campaign, the new collaboration is exclusive to the Asia Pacific region. It draws inspiration from the dynamic city dwellers who navigate their fast-paced lives with adept multitasking, juggling their professions and passions.

The overarching message of ‘Live United’ is to encourage individuals to courageously chase their dreams, excel in their chosen fields, and never stop discovering novel experiences.

Hee Jeong shed light on the philosophy behind the collection.

The report said that Samsonite remains steadfast in its commitment to the future while also paying tribute to its storied past.

The top official noted that the essence of this collection is to cater to the evolving travel and lifestyle demands of today’s multifaceted consumers, one who merge multiple roles, celebrate their life’s achievements, and embody the spirit behind ‘Live Undefined.’

What’s In Samsonite x New Balance ‘Live United’ Collection?

This exclusive collaboration boasts a range of four durable bags, each tailored to suit varied adventurer needs.

Whether you opt for the semi-transparent black or the semi-transparent white, these bags are accentuated with differently colored pouches, allowing you to customize according to your style preference.

The Versatile Everyday Bag

The Small Crossbody Bag, designed keeping in mind the light packers, stands out with its semi-transparent case and comes equipped with two reversible pouches.

Its durability and versatility make it an ideal companion, whether you’re out shopping or trekking in uncharted territories.

For the Sneaker Enthusiasts

The Shoe Box Crossbody Bag is a dream come true for sneaker lovers. It ensures you can carry your favorite pair without any wear or tear. Beyond its functional aspect, these bags can also be transformed into stackable display cases, letting you proudly showcase your coveted shoe collection.

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Compact Yet Comprehensive

The Rolling Tote is the go-to option for those short excursions. This 18-inch hard-side luggage has a reversible and expandable pouch, making sorting and categorizing your belongings a breeze.

The see-through design and the reversible pouch offer a refreshing twist to your travel gear without needing a complete overhaul.

For the Prepared Traveler

The Spinner 61 is your answer to those “just-in-case” packing habits. This 22-inch hard-side luggage provides ample space with its three pouches. And, akin to the Rolling Tote, these pouches are reversible and come in a palette of colours.

Merging functionality with aesthetics, these travel companions are all set to be your allies in every adventurous endeavour

What We Think

The collaboration between Samsonite and New Balance for the ‘Live United’ collection reflects a modern, customizable approach to travel gear. It celebrates individuality and encourages users to embrace versatility in their pursuits.

The range, from small crossbody bags to larger luggage, seamlessly blends functionality with style, catering to diverse lifestyles. This innovative collection not only addresses travel needs but also resonates with those seeking personal expression.

Samsonite’s commitment to evolving consumer demands while honoring its heritage shines through in these durable, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing bags. They’re a testament to the brand’s understanding of today’s multifaceted individuals and their desire for both practicality and uniqueness.


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