Meet the ‘Snowmad’: A Breed of Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Remote work accelerated by the pandemic has empowered digital nomads, enabling them to choose diverse destinations for extended stays.
  • Emerging among these nomads are “snowmads,” individuals seeking to learn snowsports and art forms while based in skiing resorts.
  • Freelance journalist Nina Zietman shares insights on the perks and challenges of working as a digital nomad in Alpine ski resorts, emphasizing off-peak skiing and community hotspots.

Rise of Digital Nomadism

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France–Digital Nomadism or remote working was predicted to be the future of common-place work culture but the pandemic apparently ‘fast-forwarded’ the transition across the globe.

Nomads now have the freedom to travel to desired destinations for long durations. This freedom has given rise to many diverse types of digital nomads. 

Although usually a combination of multiple factors, nomads consider living costs, tax laws, visa regulations, natural scenic beauty, and living standards for outsiders while setting their next destination.

The Emergence of ‘Snowmads’

There has been a rise in a new type of nomad: one that seeks to learn various new skills or popular art forms. 

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Among them are a group that can be referred to as ‘snowmads.’ 

Writing for Euronews, freelance journalist Nina Zietman describes her experiences and gives tips for those wanting to spend a winter based out of a skiing resort. (read the full report here).

In the report, Nina described how she had spent a significant part of the period between 2014 and 2017 staying in various locations in the French, Swiss, and Austrian Alps while working remotely.

Community and Cultural Integration

“On my first workation in the Alps, I remember watching the Christmas crowds disperse, leaving the slopes blissfully quiet,” Nina stated in the report. “One of the major perks of being a digital nomad in a ski resort is you get to enjoy off-peak skiing. January and February are often the best months for snowfall in the Alps – get ready for thigh-deep snow and minimal lift queues.”

Nina explains that resorts usually require long-term tenants to pay large amounts of money upfront and are often very expensive. She noted that some companies (like Swiss Escape) recognize the nomad market and offer packages that include high-tech facilities (meeting rooms, co-working spaces) and accommodations at reasonable prices. 

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Nina added many like-minded people gathered at hotspots to learn and master snowsports. She suggested that bars, fitness and language classes, and annual winter sports events held in various locations across the Alps would be ideal places to meet people with the same passion and way of life. 

“There are also plenty of events held across the Alps aimed at bringing avid snowsports fans together — whether that’s the Mountain Film Awards, held in Verbier, Tignes, and Morzine, or an end-of-season waterslide contest in Engelberg,” Nina explained.

What We Think

The rise of “snowmads” reflects a shift in the digital nomad landscape, highlighting the appeal of learning new skills amidst stunning Alpine settings.

Nina Zietman’s experiences shed light on the advantages of leveraging off-peak seasons and specialized nomad-centric packages. The communal spirit in bars, classes, and events fosters connections among like-minded individuals pursuing a similar lifestyle.

This trend signifies not just remote work but a convergence of work, skill acquisition, and communal experiences in breathtaking locales, redefining the modern nomadic journey.

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Aqil K
Aqil K
Aqil writes about travel, tourism, and covers the many aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle.


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