South Korea Travel Tips: Insights from Singaporean Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Get this card upon arrival at Incheon International Airport for seamless access to South Korea’s public transportation.
  • Telecom plans can be pricey, but free Wi-Fi in cafes and malls helps offset costs. Train Wi-Fi might need frequent reconnection.
  • Highly recommended, reliable, and cost-effective. Avoided taxis due to the convenience of public transit.
  • Basic English suffices, and they shared accommodation tips separately on TikTok.
  • Advised against June-August due to extreme weather.

JS and Marilyn, a Singaporean digital nomad duo known as “Shrugmyshoulder” on TikTok, recently spent five weeks in South Korea and have some savvy advice for fellow travelers.

Their first recommendation is to purchase the T-Money Card upon arrival at Incheon International Airport. Much like Singapore’s EZ-link card, this card is vital for accessing public transportation in South Korea. A word of caution: Be sure to purchase the T-Money Card and not a single-trip card.

Handling Connectivity in South Korea

According to an AsiaOne report on internet and mobile services, Shrugmyshoulder cautions that telecom plans in South Korea can be quite costly, with an unlimited data SIM card costing about US$30.

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However, most cafes and shopping malls provide free Wi-Fi. Just note that train Wi-Fi might be spotty, with reconnection required every half an hour.

Navigating Public Transportation

The report noted that South Korea’s public transportation received a strong endorsement from the couple, who didn’t feel the need to hail a cab throughout their visit.

They found the public transport reliable and reasonably priced, with a ride costing about 1,250 Korean Won ($1.30).

Language and Accommodation Queries

In response to queries about language barriers, the couple shared that they got by with “thank you” in Korean, indicating that English can suffice for navigating the country.

In terms of accommodation, they offered recommendations in separate TikTok videos.

Best Times to Travel

Per the report regarding timing your visit, Shrugmyshoulder advises avoiding the period between June and August, as the weather during these months tends to be hot and humid or cold and rainy.

Meet the Globetrotting Couple

JS and Marilyn first crossed paths while working in New York City. Now, they divide their time between Singapore and globetrotting, managing remote work alongside their travel adventures. In addition to their TikTok content, the couple runs a travel blog, offering reviews on hotels and airport lounges worldwide.

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What We Think:

Shrugmyshoulder’s insights on navigating South Korea offer invaluable tips for travelers. Their emphasis on the T-Money Card and public transit highlights convenience and savings, offsetting the pricey telecom plans through resourceful Wi-Fi alternatives.

Their firsthand experience demonstrates adeptly managing language barriers, complemented by separate TikTok advice on accommodations. Additionally, their seasonal guidance helps in planning, advising against June-August due to extreme weather.

Their expertise enhances any South Korean trip, offering a well-rounded perspective and practical strategies for a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

Learn more in the entire AsiaOne report.


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