Southeast Asia Awaits Surge of Chinese Tourists Amid Slow Recovery


Key Takeaways:

  • Skift Travel Health Index achieved a new peak at 106 in September 2023.
  • Global travel witnesses consistent growth across regions.
  • Asia Pacific’s international travel recovery lags, primarily due to China’s slow rebound.

The Skift Travel Health Index has reached a historic high this month, marking 106, which is a 3-point surge from its August 2023 score.

This indicates an overall positive trajectory for the global travel industry.

Mixed Performances Globally

According to a Skift report, while all regions have shown a growth trend over the last month, discrepancies exist in the performance of specific countries within the Asia Pacific.

Efforts to pull Chinese travelers to nations highly reliant on inbound tourism seem to be underwhelming.

Domestic vs. International Performance

A closer look at the indicators split between domestic and international metrics reveals that most regions have international performance matching or surpassing their domestic numbers.

Notably, North America’s international performance exceeds its domestic score.

However, Europe shows a slight lag in its international figures, with Asia Pacific facing the most significant setback, largely attributed to China’s gradual recovery pace.

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What Do We Think

The Skift Travel Health Index offers a promising snapshot for the travel industry, but it’s crucial to address the lag in the Asia Pacific, especially regarding attracting Chinese travelers.

Considering China’s pivotal role in global tourism, their slow recovery underscores the need for strategic efforts in Southeast Asia to revitalize the region’s tourism landscape.


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