Taiwan Welcomes Tourists, Maintains Safety Measures


Key Takeaways

  • After a long closure, Taiwan welcomes tourists with a seven-day isolation and rapid tests, aiming for tourism revival while managing risks.
  • Despite domestic cases, mainly mild, Taiwan takes a less strict approach to supporting its economy and tourism.
  • Taiwan offers a three-year visa, the Employment Gold Card, for skilled professionals, freelancers, and self-employed individuals meeting income criteria.

Taiwan’s Tourism Reopening

Taipei, Taiwan–Taiwan became the latest country to welcome tourists after two and a half years of sealed borders.

Per the new regulations, there are no restrictions for visitors entering the country, but a semi-quarantine system has been put in place to prevent mass spread in the case of an outbreak.

On its website, Taiwan’s Department of Disease Control explains that visitors no longer need to quarantine but should undergo a seven-day “self-initiated prevention” isolation period and get a rapid antigen test done on arrival. Tourists who wish to leave isolation during the period must have had an antigen test taken two days prior.

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Transition to Normalcy

According to a report, Taiwan has reported 6.3 million domestic cases since the beginning of the year. With more than 99% of those showing no or only mild symptoms, the government has relaxed restrictions in its “new Taiwan model.”

“It has finally come to the final moment of the pandemic,” President Tsai Ing-wen wrote on her Facebook page. “Now, we must make every effort to revive tourism, stimulate the economy and lead Taiwan’s economy to develop by leaps and bounds.”

Opportunities for Digital Nomads

This new move in the archipelago is the next phase in the nation’s transition to a pre-pandemic scenario. On September 29, government authorities increased the daily cap of visitors allowed into the country and started allowing tour groups to operate.

The reopening could be a big welcoming sign for travelers and digital nomads. Taiwan, so far, does not have a visa designed especially for digital nomads; however, the Taiwan Employment Gold Card applies to digital nomads and they can utilize the official procedure to stay in the country.

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The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a combined open work permit, residence permit, and visa for skilled professionals and has been active since February 2018. The visa is valid for up to three years and allows one to work for any (or multiple) Taiwanese companies or start an enterprise.

Applicants must be professionals, freelancers, or self-employed individuals with a minimum monthly income of $5,700.

What We Think

Taiwan’s strategic reopening signals a shift towards normalcy, balancing safety measures with reviving tourism and economic recovery.

The Employment Gold Card initiative offers an attractive opportunity for skilled professionals and digital nomads to explore Taiwan’s offerings, contributing to the nation’s growth amidst the ongoing pandemic recovery.


Aqil K
Aqil K
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