Thailand Ranks Third Globally in Attracting Digital Nomads


Key Takeaways

  • Thailand ranks third globally for digital nomads, behind the US and Spain, based on Instagram data.
  • Bangkok leads in Asia/Oceania for digital nomad posts, with Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan, and Krabi also popular.
  • Chiang Mai offers excellent co-working spaces, Krabi boasts scenic beauty, and Koh Phangan combines nature with work-friendly locations.

Digital Nomad Hotspots

Bangkok, Thailand–Thailand has emerged as the third most favored destination globally for digital nomads, following the United States and Spain, as per an analysis by online resume-building service,

According to a Bangkok Post report, the conclusions were drawn from 25,976 Instagram posts featuring the hashtag #digitalnomad, using geotagged locations to identify top countries and cities. The sample was pre-processed to exclude spam accounts or bots.

Regional Appeal and Top Destinations

As per the report, as of May 2023, the top ten countries in terms of #digitalnomad posts are United States (210,664), Spain (125,038), Thailand (124,729), Mexico (102,627), France (94,590), Indonesia (91,963), Portugal (82,998), Italy (49,304), United Kingdom (48,068), and India (45,286). About 40 countries now provide variations of a digital nomad visa, with most removing pandemic-era entry restrictions.

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The report noted that in the regional analysis, Thailand excelled in Asia and Oceania, with Bangkok acclaimed as the top destination, boasting approximately 20,247 #digitalnomad Instagram posts. This makes Bangkok second globally, while Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan, and Krabi also feature in the top ten in Asia.

The report stated that Chiang Mai is renowned for its superior co-working spaces, and Krabi is appreciated for its scenic beauty and proximity to beautiful beaches. Koh Phangan combines unspoiled nature and numerous work-friendly locations for nomads.

Meanwhile, London boasts the most vibrant digital nomad Instagram community in Europe and the world, with New York City holding the title in the US and North America. Buenos Aires, Argentina, leads in South America, while Cape Town is the top choice in Africa, doubling the Instagram activity of other African locations.

What We Think

Thailand’s emergence as a top destination for digital nomads reflects its appeal in offering both urban and natural settings conducive to remote work.

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Cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, along with scenic spots like Krabi and Koh Phangan, showcase the country’s diverse allure for remote workers.

The global Instagram activity underscores the growing trend of location-independent work and the importance of work-friendly environments across continents.

Learn more in the full Bangkok Post report.


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