Japan Holds ‘Tourism Expo Japan 2022’ After Four Years 


Key Takeaways

  • Revived after a four-year hiatus, showcasing Japan’s tourism facets through collaborative industry efforts and informational stalls.
  • Highlighted Okinawa’s global influence as the birthplace of Karate and its innovative blend of work, vacation, and industry.
  • Japan’s tourism rebounds with lifted entry restrictions and the National Travel Discount program, aiming to invigorate inbound and local travel.

Tokyo, Japan–The Tourism Expo Japan 2022 was held after a four-year break at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Centre with an aim to revive tourism in the country. 

Tourism Expo Japan 2022: Reviving Tourism Efforts

The Japan Travel and Tourism Association, the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), and the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) conducted the expo from September 22 to September 25.

According to a report, the event was organized by major players from the tourism industry, who worked in conjunction with the Japanese authorities to set up information stalls promoting various aspects of tourism in Japan.

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Okinawa’s Unique Offering: Embracing Karate and Work-Life Balance

For instance, the Okinawa Prefecture stall focused on ‘Okinawa Karate’ and how the tiny island in the East China Sea was the birthplace of Karate less than a hundred years ago.

“Okinawa is the birthplace of karate,” said Hayato Sawada, Karate Promotion Division, Okinawa Prefectural Government, per the report. “From a small island with about one million people, karate has spread throughout the world, and it is said that there are 130 million karate enthusiasts around the world.”

Yuichiro Kawamura, Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau, noted in the report that Okinawa is known for its extraordinary everyday working life.

“We believe that this style of work and vacation in Okinawa is the best way to combine tourism, work, and industry,” Kawamura said, adding that the region is known for its extraordinary everyday working life.

“The geographical proximity of Asia is creating new business opportunities,” Kawamura explained. “We believe that this style of work and vacation in Okinawa is the best way to combine tourism, work, and industry.”

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Japan’s Tourism Recovery Strategies

Tourist spots in Japan have seen an inflow of visitors since the government lifted entry restrictions and implemented a domestic travel subsidy program to promote inbound and local tourism.

Along with more inbound travelers, the tourism industry hopes the National Travel Discount program will help the sector emerge from a slump caused by the pandemic. The program offers resident travelers of Japan subsidies of up to 11,000 yen ($74) per night for up to seven nights.

What We Think

The revival of the Tourism Expo Japan 2022 marks a significant step in Japan’s efforts to rekindle its tourism industry post-pandemic.

Highlighting Okinawa’s cultural legacy and innovative work-vacation approach adds depth to Japan’s tourism narrative, appealing to global enthusiasts.

The implementation of incentive programs like the National Travel Discount signals a proactive stance in welcoming visitors back to Japan’s diverse tourist spots. With these strategies in place, Japan demonstrates resilience in navigating the challenges of the pandemic, fostering optimism for a thriving future in its tourism sector.

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