Booking Data Reveals Boom in Transatlantic Travel


Key Takeaways

  • Transatlantic travel between Europe and the US has surged since the US opened its borders to vaccinated international travelers a year ago.
  • Report findings from indicate a significant increase in hotel and flight bookings between Europe and the US, with preferences leaning towards transatlantic travel.
  • European destinations attract US travelers due to favorable exchange rates, while London remains a top choice for US travelers visiting Europe.
  • Despite the drop in the pound’s value against the dollar, the US remains a popular destination for UK travelers reuniting with friends and family.

Surge in Transatlantic Travel

London, United Kingdom–Transatlantic travel between European countries and the Americas has increased since the US opened its borders to the vaccinated international community one year ago.

Shift in Travel Preferences

A report by the International travel booking platform showcased findings about the global tourism industry from customer booking data over the last year (between October 2021 and 2022).

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The report highlights the skyrocketing tourism to and from Europe, stating that US hotel bookings made by British travelers increased by 382% during the 12 months, while European hotel bookings by US travelers have increased by 111% — a clear indication of more people traveling post the pandemic lull.

Flight bookings from Europe to the US have increased by 67%, while bookings made from the US to Europe increased by more than 250%.

The findings conclude that US travelers prefer to travel to Europe rather than domestically or elsewhere. Similarly, a majority of travelers from Europe have chosen to travel to the US in the last year. 

“European destinations have become attractive for US holidaymakers and business travelers looking to cash in on favorable exchange rates,” said Rich Sun, Group General Manager for the Americas, in the release.

As per the report, New York was the most-booked destination for European travelers, followed by Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orlando.

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London was the most popular European city for US travelers to fly to, with Paris and Rome coming in second and third, respectively.

“The US has bounced back to resume its place as one of the most popular destinations for UK travelers according to the analysis of our data,” said Andy Washington, EMEA General Manager of group, in the press release, adding that despite the drop in the value of the pound compared to the US dollar, America “continues to attract Brits in large numbers eager to explore North America and reunite with friends and families.”

The United States still requires that travelers be completely vaccinated when entering the country (read a report which includes a list of exempted persons here), while European countries, contrary to their initial reactions to the pandemic outbreak, have scrapped all travel mandates.

What We Think

The resurgence in transatlantic travel highlights a robust rebound in the tourism industry post-pandemic restrictions.

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The data underscores a preference for international travel, particularly between Europe and the US, fueled by factors like favorable exchange rates and reopened borders. London’s enduring allure for US travelers and the continued interest of UK travelers in visiting North America emphasize the enduring appeal of these destinations.

As travel regulations evolve, maintaining vaccination requirements while lifting other mandates has facilitated this revival, indicating a promising trajectory for global tourism recovery.


Aqil K
Aqil K
Aqil writes about travel, tourism, and covers the many aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle.


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