Making the Journey with Pets Smooth at Buffalo Niagara International Airport: TSA Guidelines


Traveling with pets through Buffalo Niagara International Airport can be streamlined when prepared in advance.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offers guidelines ensuring the safety and ease of passage for pets and their owners through security checkpoints.

Here are some key point.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation: Familiarize yourself and your pet with the travel carrier days before the journey.
  • Security Checkpoint Procedure: Carry or lead your pet on a leash through the walk-through metal detector, following TSA officers’ guidance.
  • Airlines and Airport Facilities: Check pet travel restrictions with airlines and utilize pet relief areas at the airport.

Navigating the Security Checkpoint

Travelers with pets can enjoy a smooth passage through the security checkpoint by following a few straightforward steps provided by the TSA.

It’s essential to bring pets in a hand-held travel carrier to the security checkpoint.

Owners should take the pet out of the carrier before screening begins and place the empty carrier on the conveyor belt for X-ray screening.

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Pets should never be placed in the X-ray tunnel.

According to a TSA report, during the screening process, travelers can either carry their pet through the walk-through metal detector or have the pet walk through on a leash under the guidance of TSA officers.

TSA officers will swab the pet owner’s hands for explosive trace detection.

Once screening is complete, pets should be returned to their carriers at a designated re-composure area, ensuring the pet’s and fellow passengers’ safety.

Post-Security Amenities

The report noted that Buffalo Niagara International Airport caters to post-security needs with a pet relief area between gates 11 and 14.

This facility can be accessed by entering the terminal through security and turning right.

Pre-Travel Acclimatization

According to an Outlook India report, it’s advisable to familiarize pets with the travel carrier and the process of traveling several days before the trip.

This acclimatization can help pets remain calm during security and the airport.

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Interaction with Working Canines

Travelers should be mindful of “working” canines and handlers at the airport, particularly at security checkpoints and terminal concourses.

Encountering a working canine may require shifting to an alternate checkpoint to avoid interference with the working dog’s tasks.

Special Screening for Skittish Pets

The report noted that travelers can request a private screening room for pets that may become skittish when removed from their carrier.

TSA officers will escort the traveler and pet to this room for a more comfortable screening experience.

Airline Policies and Airport Facilities

Contacting the airline directly for their pet policy is recommended as these policies may vary.

Being familiar with pet relief areas at departing and arrival airports can benefit the traveling pet’s comfort.

What Do We Think

Being well-prepared and adhering to the TSA guidelines can make traveling with pets through Buffalo Niagara International Airport a seamless experience.

These guidelines ensure pets’ safety and comfort and provide hassle-free security for all travelers.

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