Uber Makes Airport Travel Hassle-Free With New Updates


Key Takeaways

  • New features like step-by-step guides and walking time estimates improve airport taxi bookings.
  • Implemented in 30+ airports globally, aiding in reduced wait times during peak travel.
  • Extended booking window to 90 days and plans for a business-class ride option show diversification efforts.
  • Uber’s $2.25 billion acquisition of Transplace strengthens its freight market presence.

San Francisco, CA–Leading transportation company, Uber Technologies, Inc., announced deploying a few new features to enhance the taxi booking experience for airport travelers.

Enhanced Airport Experience Deployed Globally

Per a press release, one of the primary features includes an in-app, step-by-step photo guide describing how to reach their designated taxi pick-up point from the arrival gate.

The update is already available in more than 30 airports worldwide (with plans to extend services to other cities soon), including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London, São Paulo, and Bangalore, to mention a few.

Uber photo guide via Uber

Expanded Features Reducing Booking Times

Other additions include a ‘walking time’ feature, which will help determine how long users will take to reach the baggage claim area (to know when to book a cab), and also a modification to the Uber Reserve feature, allowing users to book 90 days in advance compared to the previous 30 days.

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The new features were developed to reduce booking and waiting times during the spring break travel rush.

“Our goal at Uber is to help you go anywhere effortlessly, which is why we are thrilled to announce a series of new products aimed at making your airport experience smoother than ever,” said Jen You, Head of Product for Rides, in the release.

In addition, the company also announced its plan to launch Business Comfort, a new ride option designed to offer a unique business-class taxi experience in select cities.

Uber’s Strategic Expansion in Transportation

The updates are being introduced as Uber expands its transportation offerings. Last month, the company announced acquiring transportation software provider Transplace for $2.25 billion to strengthen its position in the freight market. The move is part of Uber’s broader strategy to diversify its revenue streams in the industry.

Uber customers looking for a more seamless airport experience will likely welcome the new features. With real-time information on their ride details and the ability to book rides in advance, airport travel has never been easier.

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What We Think

Uber’s latest features showcase a commitment to improving the airport travel experience, addressing common pain points like navigation and wait times.

The extended booking window and forthcoming business-class option signify an intent to cater to diverse user needs and enhance service offerings.

Moreover, strategic acquisitions like Transplace demonstrate Uber’s proactive approach to expanding its market presence, fostering a more seamless and efficient transportation ecosystem for users worldwide.


Victor Utomi
Victor Utomi
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