Varla Scooter Emits Less Than Ten Times CO2 Than a Car


Key Takeaways

  • Electric scooters are gaining popularity as fuel prices soar.
  • Personal scooters emit significantly less CO₂ compared to average cars.
  • Varla brand scooters feature 1000W dual motors and offer up to 40 miles on a full charge.
  • Electric two-wheelers are expected to rise to 8% of all two-wheelers by 2023.
  • Varla is recognized for its commitment to environmentally friendly transportation solutions.


Electric Scooters: A Smart Response to Rising Fuel Prices

Los Angeles, CA–Amid a massive surge in fuel prices, electric scooters have become an excellent alternative for everyone looking forward to reducing their carbon footprints and saving money in the larger picture.

Unlike the average car that emits 650 grams of CO₂ per km, the emissions of a personal scooter traveling the same distance are roughly 65 grams, according to a news release, adding that opting for brands like Varla helps users to invest in a reliable product.

The scooters, per the report, are equipped with 1000W dual motors and can reach up to 40 miles of long-distance riding after the battery is fully charged.

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The Green Movement: Electric Two-Wheelers Gain Traction

According to a report, electric two-wheelers would make up 8% of all two-wheelers on the road by 2023. Currently, this number stands at 2.5%.

In light of these developments, reputable electrical scooter companies, particularly Varla, have escalated their move towards a green environment.

A scooter owner in LA, Olivia Rushforth, 27, recently said in the news release: “I am glad to invest my hard-earned cash in this scooter. It was a life-changing decision as my commute has become far easier. Plus, I ride my scooter around without fretting over the impact it will leave on the environment!”

Opting for an electric scooter for adults like Varla Eagle One could offer users a good bang for their buck. Environmental experts worldwide have constantly advised their audience to revert to electric scooters. The technical specifications of these scooters and their minimal carbon footprint are the primary reasons behind this recommendation.

What We Think

The Varla Eagle One is an excellent investment in sustainable transport. It’s designed to support environmental goals while providing high performance with its dual motors. For urban commuters, it offers practicality with an impressive range, ideal for the modern cityscape.

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Choosing an electric scooter is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. It allows individuals to contribute actively to reducing urban carbon emissions. This choice reflects a growing awareness and commitment to eco-friendly living.

Overall, the Varla Eagle One exemplifies a decisive move towards a greener future. It’s a commendable choice for those who prioritize eco-consciousness in their daily commute.

Read more in the original report here.


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