WestJet Joins Airlines Upgrading To Fresher, Healthier Foods


Key Takeaways

  • WestJet enhances its in-flight snack options with Pangea Munchie Mix, featuring non-GMO superfoods.
  • The new snack offering will be available to business class passengers.
  • This change is part of a broader industry trend where airlines are improving food options as part of their recovery strategy for post-2020 losses.

WestJet Upgrades In-Flight Snacks with Pangea Munchie Mix

Vancouver, Canada–Onex Corporation subsidiary WestJet said in a press release that it became the latest to improve upon its snack offerings and rid itself of the clichéd joke “What’s the deal with airplane peanuts?”.

WestJet, per the release, will now be offering Pangea Munchie Mix from Pangea Natural Foods, which consists of non-GMO superfoods including dried cranberries, yogurt chips, roasted cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

The Pangea Munchie Mix will be available to WestJet’s business class passengers on the global carrier’s fleet of aircraft. The airline operates as Canada’s second-largest airline with a fleet of over 160 planes, serving 109 destinations in 24 countries.

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Previously, Pangea had announced the on-boarding of Pangea Munchie Mix on two other major airlines, namely Air Canada and Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. subsidiary British Airways.

Airline Industry Enhances Menus for Post-Pandemic Recovery

Many of the airline industry’s top carriers are upgrading their menus in the near future, which the press release notes is a move attached to recovery efforts as the industry bounces back from its recent heavy losses since 2020.

Among the more noticeable changes have come from American Airlines Group Inc. which has actively been upgrading its food sources for things like greens, while others such as Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. subsidiary British Airways, and Air Canada, which all recently began offering a new high-protein snack mix from newly-public Pangea Natural Foods based out of Vancouver, Canada.

What We Think

WestJet’s update to its in-flight menu reflects a growing industry focus on quality and wellness in travel experiences.

By offering healthier, non-GMO snack options like the Pangea Munchie Mix, the airline is not only setting a new standard for in-flight cuisine but is also contributing to the industry’s recovery efforts. It’s a strategic move that caters to the evolving preferences of health-conscious travelers.

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Read more in the entire news release.


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