Winnebago Reveals Affordable Travel Trailer After Acquiring Leading Battery Provider


Key Takeaways

  • A new affordable trailer, the Access, priced at $29,600 for eight people, is to be released in November 2023.
  • Standard features include WiFi, and electric jacks, with potential upgrades like LED lighting.
  • Winnebago’s strategic acquisition of Lithionics Battery aims to enhance technology and ensure a stable supply chain.

Innovative strides by Winnebago Industries include a budget-friendly travel trailer and a strategic acquisition in the battery sector. The new Winnebago travel trailer has all it needs to create headlines.

According to a Motor1 report, Winnebago is set to disrupt the market by introducing Access, an affordable travel trailer, amidst the increasing popularity of luxury campervans and motorhomes. 

Priced at a modest $29,600, the Winnebago Access offers a comfortable sleeping capacity for eight. Slated for a November 2023 release, it will be the most economical offering in Winnebago’s portfolio.

Winnebago Access: Features and Floorplans

The report noted that potential owners of Winnebago Access can expect standard features for the quoted price. 

These include electric tongue and stabilization jacks, water tank pad heaters, a two-inch accessory receiver hitch, in-built WiFi, an enclosed, heated underside to protect pipes and wires, and an aerodynamic front design. 

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Interior layouts offer a queen-size bed, a sofa, and a dinette that can be transformed into an additional bed.

While Winnebago has been tight-lipped about the complete options and upgrades in their travel trailer, it does hint at four available floorplans: 25ML, 30BH, 28FK, and 26BH. 

These models boast features ranging from large slideouts, theater seating, and external kitchens to bunk beds, full bathrooms, and a kitchen equipped with a three-burner stove.

Winnebago Travel Trailer: Upgrades and Add-Ons

Although a comprehensive list of options for the Winnebago travel trailer — the Access — remains under wraps, the new line will offer upgrades like porcelain toilets, LED interior and exterior lighting, and rectangular skylights. 

Another potential upgrade focuses on enhancing the trailer’s durability through thicker sidewalls.

Joel Eberlein, vice president of Winnebago, said per the report that many people may not realize that Winnebago Industries started as a towable company in 1958.

He added in the report that the company’s management was thrilled to expand their portfolio of Winnebago brand travel trailers into the conventional-class segment, which will help people experience the joy of outdoor travel.

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Showcase and Availability

Prospective buyers and enthusiasts can feast their eyes on the new Access by Winnebago during September at the Hershey RV Show in Pennsylvania.

The final pricing details will be shared closer to its launch in November.

Winnebago Acquires Premium Battery Solutions Provider, Lithionics

The news of the new Winnebago travel trailer comes after the company, in a news release earlier this year, announced the acquisition of Lithionics Battery, a premium provider of lithium-ion battery solutions, in a strategic move.

This acquisition enhances Winnebago’s technological prowess and solidifies a critical part of its supply chain.

Vision for the Future

The collaboration was aimed at redefining outdoor experiences by leveraging the unique strengths of both companies. 

Winnebago Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Happe mentioned in the release that including Lithionics would strengthen Winnebago Industries’ capability to formulate distinctive and varied battery solutions across their collection.

He emphasized that this would promote their overall electrical ecosystem, spur organic growth, ensure supply chain stability, and solidify their technological edge. Furthermore, it would position them to tap into the consumers’ inclination towards comprehensive, off-the-grid outdoor adventures.

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Similarly, Steve Tartaglia, the Founder and CEO of Lithionics, expressed his excitement in that release. He believed that merging Lithionics’ distinct battery systems with Winnebago Industries’ renowned brands and expertise in innovation would pave the way for a suite of technologically advanced products.

These products, he felt, would revolutionize how individuals engage with the outdoors by offering the luxury of electricity wherever they go, something that we might be seeing with the Winnebago Access.

Post-acquisition, Lithionics is set to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winnebago Industries, retaining its existing management team and headquarters.

What We Think

Winnebago’s Access launch fills a market niche for budget-friendly trailers, offering potential comfort and upgrades. Their strategic acquisition of Lithionics showcases a commitment to innovation and sustainability in outdoor adventures.

This move positions Winnebago to redefine outdoor experiences with advanced battery solutions, enhancing off-grid adventures while broadening its product range.

It reflects a strategic vision aimed at technological advancements, ensuring a stable supply chain, and catering to the evolving needs of adventure enthusiasts seeking both affordability and quality in their travels.


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