Airport Sleepovers: Travel Influencer’s Tips Go Viral


Key Takeaways

  • Travel influencer @girlvsglobe shares tips on how to sleep comfortably in airports.
  • The video clip garners over 800,000 views with recommendations on security, seating, and food choices.
  • The TikToker suggests physically tying luggage to oneself using earbud wires.
  • Commenters chimed in with their own airport sleep hacks.

The influencer recommends passing through airport security before deciding on a sleep spot, as gate areas usually offer more seating and food options.

Dressing for Comfort

“The outfit is really important as well,” she said, according to a Business Insider report, emphasizing layered clothing for optimal comfort.

Borrowed Blankets

“I’m not proud of this, but I did take this blanket from my flight,” she admitted, per the report, citing a 10-hour delay as the reason for her extended airport stay.

Image via Business Insider

Improvised Luggage Security

She showcased a unique tip by tying her backpack to her wrist using her earbud wires, describing it as an “improvised solution” to ensure luggage safety.

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Challenging Sleep Positions

She revealed having to sleep on her stomach due to armrests obstructing a comfortable position.

Traveler Community Chimes In

Other travelers shared their experiences and advice, including using luggage as pillows or finding quieter corners for better sleep.

A Common Challenge

Airport sleeping is a widely shared experience, with many online guides and tips. Travel Supermarket, in 2012, offered suggestions on the best locations and sleep-enhancing products.

More TikTok Tips

Earlier this year, TikToker @kaylaihrig advised using belts or locks for bag security and preparing food and drink in anticipation of closed airport businesses.

What We Think

While airport sleepovers are far from ideal, they’re sometimes inevitable. But imagine being stuck — the best thing you could do is make the best out of the situation.

Leveraging shared community knowledge, like the tips from @girlvsglobe, can transform a challenging situation into a bearable, if not enjoyable, experience. Let us know what you think of sleeping in airports.

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Learn more in the entire Business Insider report.


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