Uncovering Sky-High Secrets: Former Flight Attendants Disclose Hidden Stashes in Plane Restrooms


Key Takeaways

  • Former flight attendants disclose concealed stash spots for toilet paper and other toiletries in airplane bathrooms.
  • TikTok videos uncovering these hidden compartments have gone viral, adding a layer of knowledge for frequent flyers.
  • While there’s no strict rule against passengers accessing these compartments, flight attendants prefer to assist passengers to ensure a comfortable flying experience.

Hidden Necessities Unveiled

Flight attendants Veronica Pereyra and Joslin Lora have recently taken to TikTok to reveal hidden compartments in airplane bathrooms, much to the amazement of the online community.

Pereyra, a former Emirates flight attendant, shared a video demonstrating access to extra toilet paper stashed behind a cabinet in the bathroom mirror.

In a similar revelation, Lora, who appears to work for Delta Airlines, disclosed a hidden cupboard beneath the mirror containing stacks of pads, tissues, and extra toilet paper rolls.

The clips show the flight attendants pressing a button under the mirror, which, in turn, releases the cabinet door, unveiling the concealed toiletries.

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However, Pereyra noted that the design may vary across different airlines and aircraft, making it a fascinating discovery yet not a universal feature.

Passenger Access to Hidden Compartments

The report noted that Pereyra mentioned that although there’s no specific rule against passengers accessing the hidden compartments, it’s not a practice encouraged by flight attendants, especially in Emirates, due to their high hospitality standards.

On the other hand, Lora’s TikTok video viewers argued that concealed toiletries are primarily for staff refills and not passenger use. Nonetheless, the newfound knowledge provided a sense of relief and curiosity among many, as seen in the responses on TikTok.

The Viral Reveal

The TikTok videos have amassed millions of views, with Pereyra’s clip around 5 million at the time of reporting.

The revelations have sparked lively conversations among netizens, with many expressing astonishment and gratitude for the useful information.

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Some viewers also shared their past flight experiences, including challenges faced due to the need for more awareness about the availability of extra toiletries on board.

What Do We Think

The unveiling of these hidden compartments sheds light on some of the lesser-known aspects of air travel, enhancing the flying experience for many.

While it’s a handy piece of information, passengers should remain courteous and seek assistance from flight crew when in need, adhering to the airline’s protocol for a pleasant and respectful flying ambiance.


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