Indian Railways To Host 18-Day Journey Based on Ramayana


Key Takeaways

  • Indian Railways launches the ‘Shri Ramayana Yatra’ offering an 18-day spiritual journey covering 12 significant locations associated with Lord Rama’s life.
  • The train boasts top-notch facilities including air-conditioned coaches, medical services, fine-dining restaurants, and sensor-based washroom functions.
  • Indian Railways prioritizes passenger safety with CCTV surveillance, regular sanitization, and adherence to hygiene protocols.

Delhi, India–The Indian Railways’ ‘Bharat Gaurav’ train is set to depart on April 7, offering passengers a unique 18-day journey inspired by the Hindu epic Ramayana, with stops at various locations associated with Lord Rama’s life.

The journey (called the Shri Ramayana Yatra) is scheduled to commence from Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway Station and will cover a distance of approximately 7,000 km, visiting 12 spiritually significant locations around the country.

The Ramayana Yatra is reportedly part of the Indian government’s recent efforts to promote religious tourism.

The train, with a maximum capacity of 156 passengers, has been specially designed with top-notch amenities, including air-conditioned coaches, onboard medical facilities, fine-dining restaurants, shower cubicles in each coach, a modern kitchen, foot massagers, and sensor-based washroom functions.

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‘Bharat Gaurav Deluxe AC Tourist train’ interior via Union Minister of State for Railways, Coal and Mines.

Indian Railways has also taken several measures to ensure the safety of passengers during the journey, including CCTV and personnel. All coaches will be regularly sanitized, and passengers must follow hygienic protocols during the tour.

Itinerary and cost

The journey begins with stops at Ayodhya and the Bharat Mandir in Nandigram, followed by visits to Sitamarhi (Bihar), Buxar, and the Kashi Vishwanath and Sankat Mochan Hanuman temples in Varanasi.

The train then continues to Prayagraj, Shringverpur, and Chitrakoot before proceeding to Nasik, Hampi (home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Rameshwaram, and Bhadrachalam and concluding in Nagpur.

Ticket packages are being offered in three tiers (discounts when booking multiple tickets):

  • 2 AC (24 seats) – INR 114,065 ($1,390)
  •  1 AC class cabin (48 seats) – INR 146,545 ($1,785)
  •  1AC coupe (48 seats) – INR 168,950 ($2,060)
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Click here to book your ticket now.

Prices include all meals, overnight hotel stays, transfers, sightseeing, and travel insurance during the journey.

The Ramayana Yatra is expected to attract many devotees and tourists from India and abroad. It is also seen as a significant step towards reviving the country’s tourism industry, which the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted.

What We Think

The ‘Shri Ramayana Yatra’ via the Bharat Gaurav train signifies an innovative approach to religious tourism, offering a luxurious and spiritual journey across revered locations.

The blend of comfort and spirituality, coupled with stringent safety measures, makes this initiative a commendable step in reinvigorating India’s tourism sector post-pandemic.

It’s poised to attract devotees and tourists alike, showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage while providing a safe and enriching travel experience.


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