Karl A. Peterson Releases New Book, ‘Journey to the Prize’


Key Takeaways

  • Karl A. Peterson releases his first book, “Journey to the Prize,” set in 1933 Nazi Germany.
  • The narrative centers on espionage and adventure as two young men attempt to thwart a dangerous Nazi project.
  • Peterson aims to provide a unique and thrilling addition to the historical fiction genre.
  • The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.

New Historical Fiction Release by Karl A. Peterson

Wanamassa, N.J.– Karl A. Peterson, co-author of “Lancaster, California Through Time” and long-time New Jersey resident, announced the release of his first book, “Journey to the Prize.”

As per a press release, the book is based in Nazi Germany in 1933. The story follows the journey of Manny Guzman and his best friend Alex — two young men who embark on a daring mission to help Alex’s cousin, Alois.

Amid Nazi reign, Alois is forced to work on a sinister project with potentially disastrous consequences if completed. In desperate need of assistance, Alois reaches out to his cousin in Paraguay with a plot to smuggle the project plans out of Germany.

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Realizing the gravity of the situation, Manny and Alex leave their home country and embrace espionage, adventure, and even horse racing in their effort to rescue Alois and foil the completion of the Nazi’s disturbing project.

A Unique Tale Against the Backdrop of World War II

“This time period has been covered extensively, both in works of fiction and nonfiction. In writing ‘Journey to the Prize,’ I focused on telling a tale that is equal parts unique and captivating,” said Peterson in the press release.

“Manny, Alex, and Alois are three characters that are focused on doing good during a time at which evil was rampant. I enjoyed crafting their story and hope readers will find it as thrilling as I intended it to be.”

“Journey to the Prize” is available on Amazon.

About Karl A. Peterson

Author Karl A. Peterson, who grew up in Monmouth County, NJ, enjoys stamp collecting, hiking, traveling nationally and internationally, and reading.

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What We Think

Karl A. Peterson’s “Journey to the Prize” embarks on an ambitious path, weaving a narrative of courage against the backdrop of one of history’s darkest periods. By focusing on the less explored angles of personal bravery and espionage, Peterson provides a fresh lens on the era.

The inclusion of horse racing adds an unconventional twist to the tale, potentially offering a compelling read for enthusiasts of historical fiction seeking new perspectives on the World War II narrative. Peterson’s passion for storytelling promises a captivating experience for his readers.


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