Kenya Tourism Board Steps Up To Revive Tourism Sector


Nairobi, Kenya–The Ministry of Tourism and the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is funding promotional campaigns and taking measures to establish Kenya on the global tourism map again after the lockdown.

Authorities are stepping tourism promotions up a notch to re-stabilize the economy and direct a portion of the large, post-lockdown traveling population to the country.

A part of this attempt saw KTB partnering with Netflix to increase awareness about Kenya’s tourism industry. The partnership resulted in the streaming platform screening a short documentary highlighting Kenya’s role in environmental conservation, showing it as a popular destination choice for visitors.

“Our goal is to tap into Netflix’s online presence to showcase Magical Kenya,” said Kenya Tourism Board CEO Dr. Betty Radier. “Further, we want to collaborate on initiatives that showcase the best of Kenya’s cultures and creativity.”

This might be an ideal time to make this move, as according to a report, Kenya is projected to receive 1.46 million tourists by the end of 2022. 

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The African country has been promoting tourism with various events. The Magical Kenya Tourism Expo (MKTE), an annual travel trade exhibition that hosts over 200 exhibitors and 160 buyers from Kenya’s key source market in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, was hosted in Nairobi between October 5 to October 7.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 12th edition of the MKTE, Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary of Tourism and Wildlife, said that the country recorded 870,000 visitors in 2021, leading to a revenue receipt of 146 billion Kenyan Shillings ($1.2 billion).

“Close of this year, we have better projects since things have begun looking up,” Balala added.

Before the event, the KTB also hosted familiarization trips for travel companies and media outlets to showcase their preparedness for mass tourism.

Kenya has also made a mark at the World Travel Awards: Africa & Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony. The awards look at different continental zones and evaluate a region’s tourism infrastructure. 

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The WTA announced Nairobi as ‘Africa’s Leading Business Travel Destination,’ the Kenya Tourist Board as ‘Africa’s Leading Tourist Board,’ Cape Town as ‘Africa’s Leading City Destination,’ Table Mountain as ‘Africa’s Leading Tourist Attraction’ and Tanzania as ‘Africa’s Leading Destination.’


Aqil K
Aqil K
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