London Couple Embrace Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Spain, Cite Safety and Cost Savings


Key Takeaways

  • Tim Sunderland and Sally Biddal shifted their lives from London to Nerja, Spain, citing safety concerns and high living costs.
  • Closing their UK-based business, they embraced remote work, saving £1,000 monthly while enjoying a better quality of life in Spain.
  • Lower living expenses and a peaceful environment in Nerja contributed significantly to their improved lifestyle.
  • Despite Brexit regulations limiting their stay in the Schengen zone, the couple aims to secure a longer-term visa.

Relocation for Safety and Cost-Efficiency

Nerja, Spain–Concerned about safety and the rising cost of living in London, Tim Sunderland, 35, and his fiancé, Sally Biddal, 33, decided to shift their lives to Nerja, southern Spain. They claim this move not only improved their quality of life but also allowed them to save £1,000 every month.

According to a Victoria Advocate report, after witnessing a stabbing on their London street and facing a spate of local crimes, the couple felt their life in the UK capital had become “a chore.” Sunderland, a London native, decided to close his UK-based multi-asset brokerage, Mitto Markets, and adopt a digital nomad lifestyle. Now, the couple works remotely, requiring only internet access, and experiences life in different countries.

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Improved Quality of Life and Cost Comparison

Operating their businesses from sunny terraces with sea views, Sunderland insists they have no regrets about the move, claiming it improved their perspective on life and mental health. Apart from the peaceful environment, the significant drop in living expenses has been another boon.

Comparing costs, Sunderland, as per the report, noted that a similar apartment to their Fulham flat in Nerja costs around £600 less per month. Additionally, they found that dining out and everyday expenses are significantly more affordable in Spain.

Improved Quality of Life and Cost Comparison

The report noted that the couple could stay in the EU’s Schengen zone for 90 out of 180 days due to Brexit regulations, meaning they must leave Spain every three months and cannot return to a Schengen country for another 90 days. Despite these constraints, they hope to secure a visa that would allow them a longer stay.

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Despite missing some conveniences available in London, such as food delivery services, Sunderland says they love the old-school lifestyle in Spain and believe that “everyone works to live” there, contrasting with the work-centric culture in London.

The report noted that with plans to expand their businesses and hire more remote workers, the couple reflects a broader trend among UK professionals seeking more flexible working arrangements. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), approximately four million Brits changed their careers last year for more flexibility.

What We Think

Tim and Sally’s relocation underscores a growing trend among professionals seeking better work-life balance and cost-efficient living. Their successful transition to remote work highlights the increasing appeal of flexible arrangements post-pandemic.

Their story emphasizes the allure of a peaceful, cost-effective lifestyle outside major cities, challenging traditional work-centric cultures.

While limitations exist due to Brexit regulations, their determination to secure a longer stay demonstrates a broader shift in professionals seeking extended flexibility and improved quality of life, aligning with evolving career aspirations in a post-pandemic world.
Learn more in the Victoria Advocate report.

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